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Three Fancy Chandeliers

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Today we want to talk about three unusual chandeliers, which rarely can be found in houses. Their uniqueness lies not only in non-standard materials used in their manufacture, but also in other amazing features. Any of them will definitely become a focal point of any interior.

Three Fancy Chandeliers: Knitted, Concrete and with Steam

Custom Chandelier by Naomi Paul

Custom Chandelier by Naomi Paul

Knitted chandelier in classic style

British designer Naomi Paul has created a grand ceiling chandelier, the textile part of which is crocheted. The chandelier is called Custom Chandelier. It consists of a metal frame made ​​of rings of different sizes, and the overlying textured “cloth”, which was pulled on the frame.

The three-tiered knitted chandelier attracts attention with a combination of the traditional form of the object and unexpected material. Unlike heavy and fragile crystal prototypes, Custom Chandelier is easy to transport – it can be sent in a flat package.

Lamp with a stone to break it

Romanian designer Dragoc Motika invented a lamp made ​​of concrete with a stone in the set: the owner of the lamp is proposed to break the lamp in some parts of the lampshade, exposing a metal grid.

Slash lamp designed by Dragoc Motika is a real godsend for those who need to unwind after a hard day’s work, as well as for fans of all industrial and brutal. The lamp has a cylindrical lampshade made ​​of concrete, contrasting lamp holder made of cork and a black-and-white cord. The set includes an ordinary stone in addition to the lamp.

The designer provides a choice to the lamp’s owner: to leave it as it is, or put a few blows to the lampshade, creating a pattern on a background of metal mesh.

Industrial theme continues with wooden reel cord, which is also included in the kit. If desired, it can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, stretching the cord into the other part of the room that you want to highlight.

Chandelier predicting the weather

This chandelier is transformed into a cloud, to warn of the weather. Nebula 12 chandelier was created by the Swiss design studio Micasa LAB. it works by pumping, using hot water and liquid nitrogen.

Clouds form and color of the lamp depend on the weather forecast for the next 48 hours.

Gray cloud appears on a cloudy day. The low pressure signal is red, which seeps through the cloud.

On sunny days, the cloud disappears, leaving a warm yellow light, and at sunset the light becomes warm orange.

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