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Just Fold It: Divider by Kutarq

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Room dividers come in handy when it’s necessary to have some extra private space for various needs. Room dividers can work in both small and big open spaces that require some rearrangement. For instance, to to separate the living are from the bedroom in one-room apartment or demarcate ares in the big room with an open layout.

Just Fold It: Room Divider by Kutarq

Just Fold It is as easy in use as the name suggests. It can be fold and unfolded as one needs it to. This divider is constructed from detachable modules that make it easier to fold and unfold, move and store in any home. It’s size and height can also be adjusted by removing and adding modules to the divider.

Some dividers and screens especially traditional ones are beautiful but massive for small spaces whereas Just Fold It is a cool modern solution that’s both functional and stylish. The divider feature perforations for increased stability and visual effect.

The classic white with black lines at the folds and structural shape add to its style making it great for modern and minimalist interior designs.

The best thing about Just Fold It is that it’s easy to use and store as well as move from room to room if needed. It can create a nice private area in the room to safely sleep in or rest. Just Fold It can also morph into a small change room if needed thanks to it’s flexible design.

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