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“Butterflies in My Stomach” Glasses

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Tina Tsang has created these beautiful glasses with butterflies in their stomachs locked into the glass spheres attached to the bottom of the glass. Having experience in and awards for ceramics design Tina Tsang creates beautiful and unusual things through her company Undergrowth Design. “Butterflies in My Stomach” is a new collection of unusual wine and champagne glasses.

Each glass is hand-blown in London, the butterflies are inserted into the spheres also by hand providing a variety of different combinations. The glasses also carry two types of message – “With love” or “Love you”. The sphere content is also magnified when the beverage is poured into the glass.

Undergrowth Design Blaue Blume Tea Pot

Undergrowth Design also offers beautiful tea sets, cutlery, and glassware. The ceramic sets are detailed with a beautiful vintage lace pattern and lady’s legs that also function as handles for a teapot and a cup. The glassware collection includes water glasses decorated with butterflies, decorative bottles and martini glasses with colorful scorpion sting.

Other collections include original salt & pepper shakers, Louis XIV bespoke chairs, tumbler, cake stands, as well as gift sets and colorful cards.

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