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Basics: Decoration Do’s and Don’ts

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Decoration requires the designer to follow some basic rules so here are some helpful decoration do’s and don’ts which will help you avoid some decorating mistakes. Following these basic rules will make it easier for you to find the right design solution and create your own cool interior design.

Do make a floor plan. It will help you visualize the details of your room while you are shopping.

Do develop a clear picture of your decor. Without a clear picture of what you want to do with a room or house and how it should look like you may end up not knowing what to do with all those random things you bought for decoration.

Do obtain bigger decorations first. It is easier to adjust smaller interior accessories by mood and style rather than choosing furniture to match the details. The color scheme, the style of decoration work should define the details not the other way around.

Do coordinate rooms in the house. The style of each room may be different but you can coordinate rooms by repeating colors or textures.

Do use accents. Accents that deepen the color scheme add charm and coherence to the room decor.

Do mix textures. Some textures like glassy surfaces make a room feel ‘cold’ but modern so if you want to add some warmth to it mix in some textures like raw wood or puffy rug.

Don’t make everything match. Play with contrasting colors that compliment each other or use a bold color along with neutrals that go well together.

Don’t go for fashion. If you don’t have a habit or budget to remodel your home every season or year don’t go after fashion. Home decor is not clothes, it’s much more durable and time- and money-consuming so it’s better to invest in the styles you like, that will please you for a long time.

Don’t put obstacles on the pathways. Create natural and convenient pathways in your room decor. Don’t put anything on the way as it will become a barrier.

Don’t paint the whole wall at once and don’t paint before buying furniture. If you aren’t sure about the color, whether it’s too bright or too light paint the square of the wall instead of painting the whole of it. Buying furniture to match your walls color is more difficult than doing the other way around.

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