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Boy & Girl Shared Room Design Ideas

A lacks of space may prompt for a shared kid’s room. Try using color and theme to create a convenient and stylish shared space for boys and girls. Shared Kid’s Room Design Ideas

Interesting Ideas For Nursery Design

Interesting nursery design is a great way to create fun and playful atmosphere in the room. Ideas For Nursery Design

Cool Boy’s Room Design Ideas

To create a cool and stylish boy’s room design think about the style of the future design and pay attention to details. Cool Boy’s Room Designs

Beautiful Girl’s Room Design Ideas

Girl’s room design aesthetic can be different. Choose a decorating style and a color scheme that appeals to the room’s owner. Girl’s Room Design Ideas

Cool Kid’s Room Design Ideas

Need some inspiration for designing a kid’s room? Here are some great ideas to get you started. Cool Kid’s Room Designs

Shared Kids Room Design Ideas

Shared living space for kids must be designed and decorated to include various zones and still evenly distributed between the kids. (more…)

Modern Teen Room Designs

Modern teen room design can be stylish and cool. Sleek and minimalistic it can be enhanced and personalized with decorations and accessories. Cool Modern Teen Room Designs

Bright Kid’s Room Design Ideas

Bright are common in kid’s room designs as they are engaging and energizing. There are many color schemes to choose from. Bright Kid’s Room Designs

Kids Playroom Design Ideas

Kids need space to play and move around so a playroom is a great solution for the house. It doesn’t always have to be a specialty room as it can also function as kids bedroom and study room. Cool Kids Playroom Design Ideas

Stylish Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Teen bedroom is a multifunctional room. It’s not only a bedroom. It is a bit of everything and a whole world. Cool Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Kids Room Design Ideas

Small kids room requires careful planning before decorating. There are several zones to squeeze into small space as well as create an engaging decor. Small Kids Room Designs

Nursery Design Ideas

Nursery furniture sets should not necessarily be white, baby blue or pink. The nursery is a place for a child to sleep, play and grow so there are more engaging nursery design ideas. Interesting Nursery Design Ideas

Themed Kids Room Design Ideas

Kids love bright and colorful rooms but what they like more is a theme. Most often it’s their favorite cartoon, book or game characters, superheroes and fun activities like sports.  Colorful & Themed Kids Room Designs

‘Gipsy’ Bedroom for Girls

French designers from Vibel have created a very colorful interior design for girls’ bedroom and called it ‘Gipsy’ because of its amazing mix of colors and patterns that remind of Gipsy camp on the flower meadow. See Bright ‘Gipsy’ Bedroom Decor for Girls

Pirate Ship Kid’s Room

American designer Steve Kuhl from Minnesota and his studio Kuhl Design Build have designed a cool Pirate Ship kid’s room design for a 6 year-old. Hey, what a Ship, mate! Awesome Pirate Ship Kid’s Room

Unusual Kids Room Designs

There are plenty of ways to decorate the kids room. Anything from bright color schemes and wall decorations to creative furniture. Check out Unusual Kids Room Designs

Classic Kids Room Design Inspiration

Classics is timeless! Take a look at the classic kids room designs suitable both for boys and girls done with furniture by Italian company Arcadia. Get inspired by the classic furniture that makes even children environment look sophisticated and elegant

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