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Top Most Amazing Tree Houses

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Tree houses are not only an original idea, but can be very functional. As you can guess by the name, the tree houses are building build around branches of the trees mostly from wood. In the tropical area, such as New Guinea tree houses are an important aspect of the landscape. They can preserve the goods and even people from animal attack and much more. However, for us, Western world dwellers, tree houses are predominantly are for children, or so you might think. But check out the worlds’ most amazing tree house designs.


List of World’s Most Amazing Tree Houses

1.Minister’s Tree house

This amazing construction is the world’s most tall tree house and it is located in Tennessee, USA. It took the owner, Horace Burgess, 15 years to build, and is now taller than the trees. The tree house takes up 10,000 square meters and now supporting the forest from the inside. It has a three floor basketball court, a Penthouse suite, which he made for his wedding anniversary as present to his wife. It is difficult to describe the structure of this amazing tree house, because at times it appears very messy and then suddenly you can glimpse a perfect symmetry lines. It is truly a terrific tree house.

2. Alnwick Garden Tree house.

This amazing tree house is situated in United Kingdom. From a first look, it looks like a castle made from wood. The owner, Duke of Northumberland, started the construction in early 2000. The whole house is held by logs underneath it, thus supporting the building. This amazing wooden structure looks completed with a rope bridge that leads to the open doors.

3. Yellow Tree House Restaurant.

Located in New Zealand, this terrific building is an interesting design of tree house. The idea behind the construction, is building with materials provided only by the Yellow Pages company directories. It is built into a 40 meter redwood tree, and presents a 10 meter fantasy tree house, which is supposed to bring you back to your childhood fascination with fairy tales. This is truly a unique design of the tree house.

4. Beach Rock Treehouse

The design is presented by Kobayashi Takashi in 2005. The idea behind this amazing tree house is communication with outer space, and does provide an impression of space capsule, but it i s actually a tree house. The amazing spirit of the space odyssey amid the green scenery of Okinawa, Japan, is doing exactly its purpose.

5. Wilkinson Residence

Created by great enthusiast Robert Oshatz, this tree made from canopy will definitely surprise you. The design of the house is very complex and curvy. This amazing tree house, which is located in Oregon, USA, blends so naturally with the green landscape. It also features the ecological approach to household keeping.


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