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Office Between Trees in Shanghai

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We talked about the architectural masterpieces that blend effortlessly into nature. Today we want to talk about another successful project. This is a project of Chinese architects. This business center was built in Shanghai. The architects were able to build a great spacious office building, squeezing it between a row of trees. And this does not spoil the appearance of the building, do not hesitate the office staff, and did not violate the harmony of local natural and urban landscape.

Business Center Between Trees in Shanghai

Huaxin business center in Shanghai

Huaxin business center in Shanghai by Chinese Bureau of Scenic Architecture

In the space of the Huaxin business center in Shanghai natural objects become productive, and important elements of the interior. The building was designed by the Chinese Bureau of Scenic Architecture commissioned by a local company China Fortune Development.

Real decoration in this area in a quite green area of Shanghai are six trees of camphor laurel. The authors decided not to file them down and integrated into the architecture of the building, because the concept was based on the principle of unity of nature, man and society.

The business centre consists of four independent blocks raised above the ground, connected with crossovers. Two of the four elements form the Latin letter Y in the plan, and the rest blocks form somewhat distorted letter L. The constructions are supported by ten pylons made of metal and concrete, decorated with panels of mirror polished stainless steel.

The main representative functions (pavilions for tea ceremonies, exhibition hall, office) were moved to the second floor. And a quality multifunctional public space was formed at the bottom. Its center can be called atrium, walled by glass walls. There is a staircase leading to the second floor.

We can observe a system of open and closed spaces upstairs, connected by courtyards. Small artificial ponds create an atmosphere of unity with nature. The leaves and branches of trees are perceived as full interior objects.

Its total area is 7850 sq.ft. Besides the already mentioned materials the architects used conventional and decorative glass, metal, gravel, solid and perforated aluminum panel in the construction.

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