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Mirror House in New York

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New York studio STPMJ presented a project of the invisible house with mirror surface, which allows not immediately notice it in the forest landscape. The house appears and disappears, like a mirage, dissolving into the landscape. Architectural sculpture or sculptural architecture? The project of the STPMJ design studio can not be fully attributed to any one of these areas: a sophisticated installation playing on visual illusions.

Mirror House in New York’s Park

Invisible Barn by STPMJ in New York's Socrates Sculpture Park

Invisible Barn by STPMJ in New York’s Socrates Sculpture Park 

The designers were carefully selecting the right place to install the Invisible Barn, until they stopped at New York’s Socrates Sculpture Park, where a small birch grove became a direct part of the composition.

A similar structure called Lucid Stead installation was created by Phillip K. Smith III in California Desert, which we wrote about earlier.

Invisible Barn project was immediately marked on the architectural competition “Folly 2014”. The studio offered a new interpretation of garden pavilions structures of small forms among densely planted trees in groves of Socrates Sculpture Park in New York City, creating an “invisible” barn that is very similar to a parallelogram by its form.

The frame of the construction is made ​​of wood, but the entire surface of the structure, the walls and the roof are covered with a special mirror film. Due to the mirror surface, the building may not be immediately seen in the forest landscape.

Illusory nature, the play of light and space are reinforced by some window and door openings. Their slopes are the only not mirror elements, are made ​​of light plywood. These through openings not immediately allow us to understand, whether it is a reality or its reflection, because through them the viewer sees only the surrounding landscape. This effect is especially strong at night, when the lights turn the building into a ghost house.

The creators wanted to offer fun for park visitors in any weather conditions and at any time of the year. The mirrors reflect the sky, clouds and trees. The designers themselves call the house “reckless” or “madness”, showing how human architecture melts when faced with nature.

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