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Home Office by Andrew Berman

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An American couple, the owners of luxury cottages on Long Island in the U.S., has expanded their ownership. They have bought one more hectare adjacent to their land. On the new, lush green territory the couple decided to build a tiny home office without any frills.

Home Office in Forest

Home-Office in Bellport (NY) by Andrew Berman

Home office in Bellport (NY) by Andrew Berman 

The customers wanted their vacation home-office to look like it’s “grown” in the midst of trees. The visiting architect Andrew Berman from AIA studio had to arrange the structure so that it was convenient for them to come out of the main building. But at the same time the house had to be located in a quiet place away from prying eyes.

The home office with a total area of ​​1500 sq. ft. was erected in the forest, in the very depths of the green area and covered with brown copper panels, which allowed it to blend in with the natural surroundings. Berman suggested an original metaphor – the house as a door to the forest, which was willingly accepted by the owners. The eastern facade of the building has a glass door in a wooden frame with the side walls and the roof in a trapezoid form.

American architect Andrew Berman designed a beautiful studio for a historian and critic, who dreamed of his own private library and secluded place for the writer’s work on his extensive plot in Bellport, NY.

You can get into the studio through a high and narrow door. Due to the unusual geometry of the building, a visitor can see nothing from the entrance, but a narrow wooden staircase leading to the library host.

Quiet bright space offers an ideal library for reading, writing and thinking. Natural light pours into the room gently from the top, enlivening the space that changes its brightness and colors throughout the day.

Large windows feature integrated bookshelves, they fade into the background, giving preference to host’s main value – an impressive literary collection.

Kitchens, bathrooms, storage rooms and other ancillary facilities are hidden in the main building. Shelving, stairs and floors are made of Douglas fir, which creates a natural synthesis with the surrounding forest views.

Steel structure studio elements were prefabricated and transported to the site, and then trimmed with dark copper panels that change their appearance depending on the lighting. The building will shimmer under the bright sun or remain dull on cloudy days.

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