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Cozy Dalene Cabin by Tommie Wilhelmsen

Dalene Cabin is a beautiful and cozy residence designed by Tommie Wilhelmsen. The cabin is located in Norway and overlooks the sea that provides beautiful views that can be enjoyed through the large glass wood-framed facade.

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Dalene Cabin is a cozy residence designed by Tommie Wilhelmsen and built in Rennesøy, Norway. The cabin overlooks the sea and is surrounded by beautiful greenery. The cabin features fir panels and glass walls that let in plenty of light and outdoor views. The cabin‘s wooden exterior extends to the near ground and form a terrace. The cabin is made in two tone wood and features curvy lines and sharp, stylish silhouette.

Cozy Dalene Cabin by Tommie Wilhelmsen

The modern style interior is finished with oak and concrete. The floors, ceiling and window frames are made of wood. The large glass windows provide the interior with  plenty of natural light and beautiful views of the sea and greenery.

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