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10 Modern Churches And Chapels

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We have covered a number of churches converted into modern homes but today we are taking a look at ten amazing churches and chapels designed in modern style. These were all constructured in the last decade or so and feature incredible architecture that is both functional and symbolic.

Religious architecture evolved so much since 19th century. Triangular roofs are no longer dominating the designs while the materials vary from concrete to glass to steel. Shapes vary greatly from modern boxy ones to intricate, like the one in Church of Santa Monica. A cutout cross in a wall has become a frequent element of the modern religious buildings. It symbolically shines with light from outside into the building and often becomes a central element or a focal point of the building.

Modern Church And Chapel Designs

Harajuku Church

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

Harajuku Church in Tokyo by Ciel Rouge was constructed in 2006 and features curved windows and ceilings which that make it look quite futuristic. The Protestant Church features white interior with pops of color introduced through the bright chairs.

The triangular roof is quite traditional but the facade features amazing curved lines and glazed walls adding a futuristic twist to it. In front of the church a cutout cross casts a shadow on the building while the light-filled cross shape adorns the facade as if it was painted on it to mark the religious structure.

Martin Luther Church

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

Martin Luther Church designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au and contructed between 2008 and 2010 in Austria. A Protestant church that also features a sanctuary has an amazing design. The building replaced an old 17th century church.

Enhanced with a curved roof which includes a rounded skylight and a tall bell-tower Martin Luther Church is minimalistic on the inside featuring white walls, a wooden cutout panel with a cross and chairs.

Church of Seed

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

Built in 2011 in China the Church of Seed designed by O Studio Architects has 280 square meters capable to seat 60 people. Inspired by the seed form the church features a curved facade wall with a cutout cross.

On the inside the ceilings are made of curvatures and a cutout cross shape allows the daylight in. The textured walls give the minimalist interior detail while bamboo chairs give the concrete finishes some warmth.

Church in La Laguna

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

Church in La Laguna, Spain was designed by Menis Arquitectos and finished in 2008. The design features seemingly disjointed concrete walls leaning against each other with a cutout cross in one of them.

The church looks quite secluded without many openings or windows even. The interior features textured walls but minimalist decor. The light from the cross beautifully accentuates its unusual shape.

Sunset Chapel

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

Sunset Chapel by Bunker Arquitectura is located in Acapulco, Mexico. Its faceted shape makes for an interesting look while the upper part of the building features slots that help illuminate the chapel.

The interior is made entirely in same material as the exterior with concrete pews and glass railings at the openings that provide the chapel with light. The focal point of the chapel is a glazed wall with a cross.

UNO-City Church

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

This modern church by architect Heinz Tesar in Vienna has a boxy shape clad in perforated steel and features a cross on its facade. The continuous plates break at the side of the building where the entrance is located.

The church’s interior is finished with wood including the ceiling and walls that feature perforations that visible from the outside. They allow the natural light inside together with full-sized windows at the sides of the building.

Church of Santa Monica in Madrid

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

Church of Santa Monica in Madrid is an interesting unusual building with chaotically arranged windows that add its sleek rectangular shape a strong accent. Designed by Vicens & Ramos the church was a third proposal by the architects.

Those windows not only allow the light come into the church creating a very interesting dimmed glow but also make for an interesting wall shape. The white walls contrast with the black pews creating a nice dynamic in the interior.

Christ Resurrection Church

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

Christ Resurrection Church by Cino Zucchi Architetti is an angled modern building in Milan with a striped exterior. This church was built instead of an old warehouse-converted one which also features a parish centre.

Featured in various shades of grey the building’s pattern attracts attention while the architecture determines the interior lines. Spacious interior is designed in gray color scheme with multiple square-shaped lights in the curved structural ceiling.

Chapel in Villeacero

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

This chapel completed in 2001 was designed in a concept of a folded box, hence the angled shape. A small understated cross shows through the triangular glazed element in the facade of the building.

Minimalist interior contrasts with a structural exterior that contributes to the interesting interior architectural details and slanted lines.

Church in Foligno

10 Amazing Modern Churches And Chapels

Church in Foligno by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas is a modern boxy building made of concrete with a few angled windows of different sizes. The simplistic design is enhanced with these interesting shapes that match the pendant light shades on the inside.

A cross that is used to mark the religious building was introduced as a part of an entrance which is located in a glass strip at the base of the building.

Modern churches and chapels are so different that it would be hard to distinguish them from other building types sans the crosses and other attributes. What do you think about them?

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