• 5 Unusual Flooring Types

    Sometimes, to renovate the interior, it is not necessary to do a major overhaul. Floor sets the mood throughout the room. And changing the flooring may be the only necessary step for its radical transformation. See unusual flooring ideas

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  • Non-Standard Use of Concrete and Wood

    Concrete and wood exist almost in every modern interior. People use these materials in their usual boundaries. Concrete is used for walls, floor and ceiling. Wood is used for furniture, wall finishing, parquet flooring, etc. See how to use these materials in other way

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  • Cool with Wool Felt Stools

    Scandinavian design is usually distinguished by simple lines, nice looking shape, environmentally friendly materials. All this is typical for bright, tactile feature wooden stools from the collection, which is developed in Norway and called Cool with Wool. See gentle collection of stools by Aud Julie Befring

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  • Small Eco-Friendly Wooden House

    You want to build your own house, but you are not willing to spend much money? Are you attracted to the idea of environmentally friendly housing? Are you free, not burdened by family and are ready for change? See an inspiring example of a tiny wooden house

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  • Furniture for Eco-Friendly House

    In the last article we talked about the interior finishing materials for eco-friendly houses. Unlike conventional apartments, green buildings require special furnishing. See how to choose furniture for eco-friendly house

  • House in Tahoe Style

    You have probably heard about the Tahoe Lake region. The region that can be called one of the most beautiful and scenic areas around the world is located in California, USA. Find out more about Tahoe style in home interior design

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  • How to Create Healthy Home Interior

    It is well known that we can feel good in one house, whereas in the other one we often have headaches and feel sick. Today, thanks to the combined efforts of physicians, psychologists, ecologists, and designers, this inexplicable phenomenon is unraveled. See how to make your home healthy

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  • How to Care for Wooden Staircase

    Wisdom and diligence of the owner is not limited to home improvement and the choice of practical and natural furniture, but also further care of them. See how to care for wooden staircase

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  • Five Elements of Feng Shui

    There are five elements of Feng Shui: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood. Each of them works both independently and in collaboration with others, to restore peace and bring energy into your home. See how to use 5 elements of Feng Shui in interior design

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  • Russian Hut in Fontainebleau

    Countess Dominique de Rokmorel-Golitsyna has no Russian roots. She had inherited a Russian lodge from her husband. Three generations ago childless Comte de Rokmorel adopted Mark Augustine Golitsyn. And this has become a ground for a double last name and passion for Russia. See the Russian hut in French province

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  • Tree House Casa del Arbol

    Have you ever played in a tree house? Surely you remember those moments when you considered yourself an owner of a whole proper house where your imagination had no limits. Well, tree houses have changed a bit since you were a child. Modern technology creates eco-friendly tree house.

  • Arbutus+Denman Presents Wall Buttons

    Any renovated room has got a face. It’s got nice body too but still something is missing. Probably, your room interior has not found its soul yet. All you need is some small but unique detail reflecting the mood of the whole interior design. How do you button your wall?

  • Scrapwood Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

    The most important thing about any interior is its background. That’s why designers and architects pay so much attention to developing new colors and textures for floors and wall coverings. Here is an innovation from a Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. Designers bring timber into wallpaper

  • Oak Furniture by Denis Milovanov

    “Furniture” is not the first word that comes to mind when you see Milovanov’s works. The phrase “architectural objects” describes them better. Conceptual Furniture by Denis Milovanov

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  • Apartment in East Hampton, New York

    Apartment in East Hampton by Narofsky Architecture and Ways2Design is a modern hut, no more, no less. East Hampton Apartment

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  • Exbury Egg – Workspace On Water

    Exbury Egg takes the workspace to a whole new level. That is water. Designed by PAD Studio in collaboration with the SPUD Group and artist Stephen Turner this floating home office is shaped as an egg and built after boat building principles. Work Space On Water

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  • 5 Remodeling Tips For Greener Home

    We already wrote some tips on how to go green at home with these practices, but you can do more by remodeling your home to be more eco-friendly. Tips For Greener Home

  • Small Home – Villa Piedad

    Villa Piedad is a small home studio of a Spanish designer in San Sebastián, Spain. Villa Piedad Remodeling

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  • Expansive Toronto Residence with Amazing Garden

    Contemporary architecture as you know is very urbanized, even if it is located outside the city area, however formally still being within the mega polis limits and most often the greenery is very lacking in this kind of residences. Toronto Residence

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