• How to Use Leftover Wallpaper

    When the remodeling is over, we often still have some unused materials. If you have remnants of wallpaper, do not rush to throw them away. There are plenty of ways to use them as decoration for your home. See 5 tips to use wallpaper remnants

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  • Perforated Tear Off Wallpaper

    Wallpapering is not particularly pleasant and creative process, but with this unusual material you can easily create original patterns and designs directly in the process of wallpapering. Latvian designers from Znak developed innovative modular wallpaper with “tear-off” effect. See how to use the wallpaper

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  • Paisley Ornament in Interior Design

    Persia has always been famous for its wealth and luxury design. Echoes of the Persian Empire still reach our generation in the form of stories, jewelry and, of course, the original ornate. One of them is an unusual ornament called “paisley”.  Learn more about paisey ornament

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  • Heimtextil Trends in 2014

    Heimtextil is an annual exhibition of textile and finishing materials, which presents new season trends. Each year the exhibition pleases, shocks, and surprises us. See major trends in textiles and wallpaper for 2014

  • Changing Interior Design Using Magnetic Wallpaper

    As you know, wall decorating can fundamentally change the interior design. But wall decoration is a too time-consuming and costly process. You can not use it often. See how to change interior design in easy ways

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  • Interactive Wallpaper to Cure Your Boredom

    Wallpaper is perhaps the most common type of finishing material for wall decor. A variety of color, texture and price allows people to make their choice. But in time any wallpaper stales, loses its color and becomes boring. See how you can enliven the walls with interactive wallpapers

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  • How to Expand Space in Small Room with Wallpaper

    It is always hard to decor a small room. Wallpaper can help you to expand a size of the room.  Tricks on How To expand Space in the Room with Wallpaper

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  • How to Choose Wallpaper. Part 2. Choosing Wallpaper

    There are so many types of wallpaper that differ in color, texture and pattern. How to Choose Wallpaper For Every Room

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  • How to Choose Wallpaper. Part 1. Types of Wallpaper

    There are a lot of types of wallpaper of different color, texture and price. Types of Wallpaper

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  • Writing on The Wall Chalk/White Boards

    This method is beloved by advertising agencies and small cafes. It is also necessary if you have artistic children, a member of the family who desperately likes science or if you are trying to organize your timetable and notes. Wall Sized Chalk and White Boards

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  • Wall Retouching Tools & Tips

    Paint is probably the cheapest treatment for the walls but marks and dings are inevitable with time. Even after walls were freshly painted some unsightly marks might appear and simply ruin the look. Retouching Tools & Tips for Walls

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  • New Type Of Lighting: LED Wallpaper

    New and fresh ideas are always something to look out for. Meystyle combined LED lighting and wallpaper together, which makes for a great decorating product. LED Wallpaper from Meystyle

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  • Houndstooth Print In Interior Design

    Houndstooth print is a classic print in fashion. But it can also be used in interior design with success. Houndstooth Pattern in In Interior Design

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  • Swarovski Elements Wallpaper Collection

    Swarovski is known for its crystals and jewelry lines. But the brand ventures into various other fields and this time it has nothing to do with the crystals…well, at least not entirely. (more…)

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  • 20 Interior Designs Featuring Wall Murals

    Wall murals make the interior look more interesting. There are various ways of achieving this wall decor. Interior Designs With Wall Murals

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  • Exterior Design Idea: Outdoor Wallpaper

    The exterior appearance is important. If you want to increase the house attractiveness and curb appeal the exterior should be attended to. Decorating Exterior With Outdoor Wallpaper

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  • Design Solution: Imitation Wallpaper

    Want that special finish on your feature wall? Or even the entire room? Imitation wallpaper may be the answer. Stone, Wood, Brick…Imitation Wallpaper Offers Various Finishes

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  • Map Wallpaper In Interior Design

    Map wallpaper makes for an interesting interior. It can be bright and colorful and detailed serving as a beautiful decoration as well as a great conversation starter. Decorating With Map Wallpaper

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  • Wall Decor: Photorealistic Wall Murals

    Photorealistic wall murals are great for creating a feature wall with a stunning view. Photorealistic Murals For Wall Decor

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