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  • 3 Creative Ways To Paint Your Walls

    White, blue, pink. If it’s too hard for you to choose just one color why not use a few that you like? They can be contrasting or monochromatic, bright or pastel, neutral or colorful. Creative Wall Ideas

  • Graffiti in Interior Design

    It often happens that a certain result of creativity, born among talented people subsequently becomes an art direction. Here, for example, graffiti – wall paintings, which talented teens painted on the walls of houses and fences, once regarded as something close to hooliganism. See how graffiti looks in interior design

  • Wall Retouching Tools & Tips

    Paint is probably the cheapest treatment for the walls but marks and dings are inevitable with time. Even after walls were freshly painted some unsightly marks might appear and simply ruin the look. Retouching Tools & Tips for Walls

  • Renovating Living Room On Budget

    Living room usually is one of the biggest in the house so its renovation can be costly. But not with budget-wise renovation. Living Room Budget Renovation

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  • Colorful Bedroom Designs

    A bedroom doesn’t always have to be in pastel and neutral tones. There are many other bright hues to choose from and jazz up the bedroom. Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas

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  • Ideas and Tips for Wall Decor

    Walls are great big canvases that need decoration. From wall paint and coverings to decorations and wall art wall decor offers a myriad design solutions for each room. Get Ideas and Tips for Wall Decor

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  • Color Blocking In Interior Design

    Color blocking is fun and sure way to refresh your home and bring more energy and color to it. Colorful Home Decor: Color Blocking 101

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