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  • Spectacular Finishing Material for All Surfaces

    Designers from the Israeli Decotal company have created a unique and unparalleled material – ultra-thin tiles. However, this is not exactly a tile, but rather a cross between the tiles and wallpaper. Its components are metal and stone See the amazing Decotal tiles

  • Perforated Tear Off Wallpaper

    Wallpapering is not particularly pleasant and creative process, but with this unusual material you can easily create original patterns and designs directly in the process of wallpapering. Latvian designers from Znak developed innovative modular wallpaper with “tear-off” effect. See how to use the wallpaper

  • Wall Decorating with Textiles

    Typically, wall drapery is made ​​of a thick cloth, the properties of which allow preserving the cover integrity for a sufficiently long period. Materials such as suede, velor are best used for surface treatment using “papering way” by gluing them to the base layer. See how to decorated walls with textiles

  • Ideas and Tips for Wall Decor

    Walls are great big canvases that need decoration. From wall paint and coverings to decorations and wall art wall decor offers a myriad design solutions for each room. Get Ideas and Tips for Wall Decor

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  • Harlequin Wallpaper Spring 2011 Collection

    Harlequin is a design brand that creates designer fabrics and wall coverings since 1960. Their wallpaper Spring 2011 collection is truly amazing. Springtime Remodeling: New Harlequin Wallpaper Collection

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  • Go Green: Creating Eco-Friendly Interior Design

    If you want to go green, one of the ways is to make an eco-friendly interior design that will be absolutely recyclable and also unharmful. Read on how to Go Green by Creating Eco-Friendly Interior Design

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