• 13 Kitchens With Vintage Elements

    It’s easy to incorporate a vintage furniture piece into kitchen. Anything from an armoire to a post office drawer can be used as a kitchen island or cabinet storage. Vintage Elements in the Kitchen

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  • Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas

    Vintage bathroom is like a pocket in another dimension, where time stopped and you can simply lay back and relax in your freestanding claw feet tub Vintage Bathroom Ideas

  • Apartment Overlooking Bay Of Naples

    Apartment overlooking the Bay of Naples belongs to imagemaker and a fan of art Mary Mashiopinto. Overhaul of a 200 square meter apartment in a house built in the 70′s lasted for four years. Luxury Apartment in Naples

  • How To Design Bathroom With Vintage Flair

    A bathroom with vintage flair can be a perfect hideaway at home. Bathroom With Vintage Flair

  • Vintage Bedroom On Budget

    Vintage bedroom can be easily created on a budget using old furniture and vintage finds. Budget-Friendly Vintage Living Room

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  • Vintage Decorating Tips

    Decorating with vintage items has almost become a decorating style in its own right. Romantic and elegant vintage comes close to retro and shabby chic. How to Decorate In Vintage Style

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  • Beautiful Vintage Home of Interior Designer

    Marie Olsson Nylander is a Swedish interior designer and today we want to show you the interior of her incredibly beautiful vintage home in Arild, Sweden. Vintage Interiors: Marie Olsson Nylander’s Home

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