• “Layered” Furniture Collection

    While studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Dirk Vander Coy made up his own 3D-printer, an industrial robot, which recycles plastic according to drawings and prints furniture and home furnishings. See creative furniture and home accesories by Dirk Vander Coy

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  • Maison & Objet 2014 Highlights

    By tradition, the end of January in Paris turned into a Mecca for designers, decorators, architects, interior shops owners, connoisseurs and fans of design. Major furniture brands presented their new products and items at the Maison & Objet 2014. See most vivid items, showed at the exhibition

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  • 3D Printing In Design

    3D printing is becoming more popular as it opens so many possibilities in terms of not only design but also medical innovation and progress. 3D Printing In Design

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  • Narsico Vases by Giorgia Zanellato

    Narsico vases by Giorgia Zanellato are unusual and cool that were designed to demonstrate the flowers to their fullest. Flower-Reflecting Vases

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  • Industry Porcelain by Gentle Giants

    Industry Porcelain is a series of vases designed by Gentle Giants design studio. Researching the industrial architecture the designers transferred the aesthtics and structure into a collection of porcelain vases with metallic base. Industry Porcelain Vases

  • Fresnel Lens In Big Bloom Vase by Charlie Guda

    Fresnel lens is a thinner lens that allows to view smaller things. Big Bloom vase was conceieved as a tribute to Augustin Jan Fresnel, a creator of Fresnel lens. Big Bloom Vase With Fresnel Lens

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  • Hidden Vase Project by Chris Kabel

    Hidden Vase project by Chris Kabel has started as a research for ways to disguise the vase conducted for a Spanish magazine, Plant Journal. Hidden Vases by Chris Kabel

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  • Mother Day Gift Ideas: DIY Sculpture Coil Vase

    Are you creative and up to new designs? Then, this post is certainly for you, it is all about making an awesome DIY sculptural coil vase present for a Mothers’ Day. DIY Sculpture Coil Vase

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  • Interesting Cantine Vases by Véronique Maire

    Véronique Maire has designed these interesting vases called Cantine made of a glass body and a cork top. Cork Topped Cantine Vases by Véronique Maire

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  • Adorable Vases ‘Singing Brownies’ by Diploo

    These adorable ceramic vases created by Diploo design studio come in various sizes and can be arranged in a mini decorative choir. Adorable Ceramic Vases – ‘Singing Brownies’

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  • Colorful Les Poupées Collection

    Les Poupées is not simply a collection of vessels. Created by Luca Nichetto and Pascale Cottard Olsson the collection was designed to capture the different cultures. Les Poupées Collection

  • Colorful Airvases by Torafu Architects

    Airvases designed by Torafu Architects are made of colorful paper and can change shape if necessary. Colorful Paper Airvases

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  • Aesthetic Recycling: Lace by Milk Design

    There are many uses for empty glass jars but here is one very aesthetic created by Milk Design. Aesthetic Recycling by Milk Design

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  • Sand Vase Designs by Yukihiro Kaneuchi

    Sand vases designed by Yukihiro Kaneuchi were inspired by an old game that requires poles created from the sand. They have become the prototypes for “Sand“. Sand Pole Vases

  • 5 Nature-Inspired Designs by Shire Studio

    Shire Studio has created 5 designs inspired by nature. Various natural phenomena have found their way into these beautiful and unusual creations. 5 Nature-Inspired Designs

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  • Transformer Vase HighRise by ThirtyFive Creative Works

    ThirtyFive Creative Works has designed this interesting transforming vase that can become a wall decoration. Multifunction at its best. Vase That Turns Into Wall Decoration

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  • Ideas for Decorative Vases

    Decorative vases and bowls can add depth to your interior making an eye catch on the interesting details. There are some ways of turning a regular vase into a decorative one. How to Make a Decorative Vase

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  • Industrial Design by Tembolat Gugkaev

    Want more fresh design ideas and products? Tembolat Gugkaev is a Russian industrial designer who makes eye-catching furniture, amusing lighting and other creative things. Eye-Catching & Fresh: Industrial Design by Tembolat Gugkaev

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  • Hot News: New Interior Design Products and Creations

    Today I would like to show you four new different products by various designers who work tirelessly to bring more beauty and innovation to design world. New stuff: See Cool New Products and Designer Creations

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