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  • Pros & Cons Of Platform Beds

    Platform beds are quite popular especially in Europe. They are modern, sleek and can also be storage-friendly. All About Platform Beds

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  • Modern Extension Of Traditional House

    Old versus new is always a nice combination. It may not always be perfect or even harmonious but that is partially the thing. Modern Kubik Extension

  • Pool House Design Ideas

    A pool house is a structure built near the swimming pool that includes a changing room, a shower, a bathroom and is used for other purposes like rest and entertainment. Pool House Design Ideas

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  • Traditional Kid’s Room Design Ideas

    Traditional style is very common not only in living rooms and kitchens but throughout the house including the kid’s room. Kid’s Room Designs in Traditional Style

  • How To Create Traditional Chic Bedroom Decor

    To create chic bedroom it’s best to start with the color scheme. Certain neutrals can be very stylish but on their own they might look too bland. Traditional Chic Bedroom Decor

  • Stylish Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

    Traditional kitchens sometimes can be too monotone with all the cabinets, tables and other furnishings made of one type of wood. Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

  • Revamping Traditional Living Room

    Traditional style is common but it can be exciting as well. Adding various new elements to a familiar decor or swapping a color scheme for a fresh one can do wonders to a traditional living room. Revamp Traditional Living Room

  • Penthouse Apartments Guide

    Penthouse apartment is a luxurious abode that’s located on the highest floor of the building. But what differs a penthouse from another apartment? Luxury Homes: Penthouse Apartment Guide

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  • Luxurious Dining Room Design Ideas

    Luxurious dining room design is all about beautiful ornate furniture, grand lighting, and lush accessories. Design Ideas for Luxurious Dining Room

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  • Britney Spears’ New $20 Million Mansion

    Britney Spears is said to have bought a luxury 20,000 square feet mansion at $20 million in Hidden Hills. Tudor-style mansion has ten bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. Check out Britney Spears’ New $20 Million Mansion

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  • Living Room Budget Decorating Ideas and Tips

    Living room is a center room in the house so it should be presentable and spacious. If you are limited in budget you can still create a simple but stylish decor with our decorating ideas and tips. Check Out Living Room Budget Decorating Ideas and Tips

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  • Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

    Lady Gaga rents Bel Air mansion to stay at while in California. 6,143 square-foot Beverly Hills mansion with a huge pool and jacuzzi tub costs her $25,000 a month. Check out Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

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  • Traditional Style Interior Design

    Traditional style interior design can be described as calm, familiar and well-organized. Classic furniture and accessories are gathered in the center of the room. Check out Traditional style interior designs

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