• How to Design Music Studio on Budget

    Are you fond of music and live in a block flat? Do mad neighbors knock on your door hundred times a day complaining that their small child can’t sleep or they can’t hear TV because of all your music-making? Just try these tricks to turn your room into a music studio on a budget to continue your music sessions without any trouble. Tips on organizing a music studio

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  • Clean & Maintain: Mattress

    Cleaning a mattress can be such a daunting task but in order to maintain a good condition of your mattress for a long time cleaning should be regular. Tips On Cleaning Mattress

  • How To Design Sleeping Porch

    As the warm weather is about to come into certain parts of the world the sleeping porch is one of those things that can not only enjoy the alfresco feel and surrounding views but also save the energy on air conditioning. Designing A Sleeping Porch

  • Kitchen Display Storage Tips

    Kitchen storage does not only have to be functional, it can be decorative too. Open shelving is one great way to add display objects to the kitchen design. How to: Kitchen Open Shelves

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  • Budget Garden Makeover Tips

    Garden may too need a makeover if it’s been neglected or you simply want to give it a fresh start. Garden Makeover on a Budget

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  • Kids Room Renovation Tips

    Kids grow and change rapidly and their room changes with them. But how to keep the kids room comfortable and stylish on budget? Renovation Tips for Kids Room

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  • 5 Tips To Get Rid Of And Prevent Clutter

    Removing clutter can be tough. You can’t get rid of it cause you need it but it keeps spreading across the house creating mess. How to Remove and Prevent Clutter

  • Ideas and Tips for Wall Decor

    Walls are great big canvases that need decoration. From wall paint and coverings to decorations and wall art wall decor offers a myriad design solutions for each room. Get Ideas and Tips for Wall Decor

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  • Tips to Organizing Small Bathroom

    Small bathroom as any small-spaced room requires good organization of space, furniture and accessories in order to avoid clutter yet enjoy the room to its fullest. How to Organize a Small Bathroom

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  • Home Buying Tips, Tricks and Techniques

    Buying a new home is a very complex process, especially if you are a first-time-home-buyer. Check out the factors you need to pay attention to while buying a new home>>

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