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  • Tea Room Decoration in England

    Pretty cool climate of this country dictates the need for a fireplace, a cozy oversized chair, a blanket and tea table in the house. It is so pleasant to drink hot tea in the cold evenings. See how to decorate a tea room in English style

  • Easter Table Decor Ideas

    Easter is in two days and if you are still looking for ideas for holiday table decor here we gathered some great ideas that will help you create holiday table decor. Table Decor Ideas for Easter

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  • 10 Inspiring Thanksgiving Tables

    Looking for ideas on how to decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table? Here are ten inspiring examples. Inspiring Thanksgiving Table Decor

  • Inspired by Tradition: Platter of Friendship

    Platter of Friendship was inspired by ‘Komatál’ old Hungarian tradition of exchanging plate of selected foods as gifts between friends. Platter of Friendship Designs

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  • Interesting Table Decor Ideas

    Interesting table decor makes the dinner much more official and festive. To create stylish and interesting table decor one has to consider color scheme and arrangement. Creating Interesting Table Decor

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  • Christmas Table Decor Ideas

    Christmas is a month away so we have plenty of time to think about the decor details. Christmas Table Decorating

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