• How To Maximize Storage Space With Organizer Walls

    Storage space is a scourge of many small and not so small homes. There is never enough space for anything especially if you have a big family and your house or apartment just wasn’t built to your needs. Storage Space In Walls

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  • Is This The Smallest Apartment You’ve Ever Seen?

    This 8 square meter (86 square feet) apartment designed by Kitoko Studio is probably the smallest apartment we’ve seen to date.  Check out this 8 square meter apartment

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  • 5 Ideas of Toy Storage

    Where to store toys? As children get older, the issue becomes a real problem. It becomes impossible to keep dozen dolls or cars, balls and tinker toys in one big box. In addition, children do not like to put toys back. See how to store toys in the kid’s room

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  • Home Office Storage Ideas

    Any work is much more successful if everything you need is at your fingertips. But if you have too much “necessary” stuff, the mess on your desk becomes inevitable. See how to organize your desktop wisely

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  • How to Store Clothes Without Closet

    Modern closets are not only stylish in their appearance, but also have a good storage capacity. But what if you do not have one? In this article you will find some interesting alternatives of storing clothes and shoes without furniture. See six closet alternatives

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  • What to Do With Unused Swimming Pool

    There are many people who would trade their swimming pool for something more practical like a storage area, a fishtank or a garden. But all of these things could be realized even having a swimming pool in your yard. Ideas for Unused Swimming Pool

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  • How to Organize Storage for Wine

    There are many people who are fond of making or collecting good wine. What if you accidently realized that your collection grew too large? One way is to call all your friends and neighbors to estimate your tastes in wine. Another one is a decent storage for your wine collection.
    What one should know to build a wine cellar

  • Ideas on Using Room under Stairs

    Those who watched a movie about Harry Potter may remember that famous boy lived in a tiny room under a staircase. But there are far more reasonable means to use the free space under your staircase.
    What have you got under stairs.

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  • 10 Original Cupboards

    Cupboards seems like a thing that should be functional and…square, but modern design solutions offer many unexpected shapes, colors and functions. Have a look at 10 cupboards with unusual designs. 10 original cupboards

  • Useful Home Office Gadgets & Accessories

    Today all you may need in a home office is a laptop and an internet connection. You don’t even have to have a landline phone unless perhaps you operate your own company. Cool Office Gadgets

  • 29 Square Meter Apartment In Poland

    3XA Architects redesigned a 312 square foot (29 square meter) apartment in Poland to make it more spacious. 29 Square Meter Apartment Design

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  • Pros & Cons Of Platform Beds

    Platform beds are quite popular especially in Europe. They are modern, sleek and can also be storage-friendly. All About Platform Beds

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  • Creating Chef-Worthy State-Of-The-Art Kitchen

    If you love cooking and spend most of your free time concocting recipes and creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen then you might want a state-of-the-art kitchen to help you hone your skills and undertake even more amazing and ambitious projects. State-Of-The-Art Kitchen Design Ideas

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  • Small Loft In London

    This loft in London designed by Craft Design features only 56 square meters of space. The small abode that had to be converted into living space with all the necessary rooms and amenities turned out simply great. Small Loft by Craft Design

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  • 25 Stylish Storage Solutions

    Storage takes a good part of living space so it better be stylish and eye-pleasing. Stylish Storage Solutions

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  • Creative Book Storage Ideas

    Struggling with the book storage? There are quite a few creative ways to house at least your faavorite books in a small home. Creative Book Storage

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  • Hidden Room Design Ideas

    Why have a hidden room in the house? There can be many purposes for a hidden room. Hidden Room Ideas

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  • 50 Amazing Wine Storage Design Ideas

    There are many wine storage options from simple wine racks to wine cellars and wine bars. Amazing Wine Storage Ideas

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  • 10 Stylish Wine Storage Designs

    Wine storage is one of the key issues for lovers of wine especially for those who live in small urban dwellings with not much spare space. Thanks to a wide popularity of the drink there are many rack designs on the market. Designer Wine Storage Ideas

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