• Modern Apartment In 19th Century Barcelona Building

    Oh, how I love makeovers. This apartment shows its building’s 19th century history in exposed stone and ceiling beams but the design makes the interior more livable for a modern person. 19th Century Apartment

  • Give Your Tub A New Look With Creative Siding

    When it comes to it classic wood bathtub siding isn’t the only decorative option you have. There are many materials to choose from to create the best look that suits your interior. Creative Siding For Your Tub

  • Onyx Stone in Interior Design

    Onyx is an amazing quartz stone that comes in a variety of colors and allows for beautiful interior design. Onyx Interiors

  • 3 Ways To Update Wood Flooring

    Wood floors are classic. They give a place that luxurious or rustic look (depending on finish) and they are more versatile than most types of flooring. 3 Ways To Spruce Up Wood Floors

  • 5 Unusual Flooring Types

    Sometimes, to renovate the interior, it is not necessary to do a major overhaul. Floor sets the mood throughout the room. And changing the flooring may be the only necessary step for its radical transformation. See unusual flooring ideas

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  • 3 Amazing Interiors with Decorative Stone

    The use of decorative stone has gained an increasing popularity. It is used as a finishing material for walls, both residential and office space. This popularity has increased, ecause this material fits perfectly into any interior style and gives the room a special kind. See how to use decorative stone

  • 6 Exquisite Designs of Kitchen Islands

    Functionality, comfort and aesthetics are the cornerstones of any kitchen. This article presents 12 innovative kitchen islands with the original design. Kitchen Islands Designs

  • Unexpected Detail: Wooden Sink

    If you want to add an unexpected detail to your bathroom a wooden sink can help you with that. Wooden Sink Designs

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  • Swimming Pool Grotto

    Grotto is a manmade cave that adds an inimitable charm to a swimming pool. Swimming Pool Grottos

  • Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

    Kitchen backsplash can become a great focal point of the room. It can be covered with tiles, wood, metal, or stone depending on the style of the kitchen and the look you are going for. Amazing Backsplash Design Ideas

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  • Stone Swimming Pool Design Ideas

    Stone swimming pools have an irresistible flair. They look like natural wells and often feature a waterfall that adds drama to the entire look. Pools Made In Stone

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  • Stone Finishes In Bathroom Design

    Want to add a special touch to the bathroom design? Stone texture and form can add a lot to the bathroom design-wise. Bathrooms Decorated With Stone

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  • How To Choose Flooring For Your Interior Design

    Flooring can be a great decorative addition to the interior design but it should also be functional and fit the room’s purpose and style. Flooring For Your Interior Design

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  • Amazing Italian Stone House

    The houses can be not only just built, but rebuild from the ancient structures, as is this amazing stone house in Italy. It is stone structure remade into modern living space. Italian Stone House

  • Amazing Wine Cellar Designs

    Do you have small basement space that you can spare for storing some valuable items? Then, perhaps you might consider making your own wine cellar? Wine Cellar designs

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  • Stone Themed Interior Design

    Stones are essential elements of any garden, but what about houses? Have you ever considered using stones in the interior design? It might actually turn out pretty well. Check out some interior design ideas on how to use stone theme house decorations. Stone Theme Interior Design

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  • Cozy Balcony Design Ideas

    Medium-sized balcony with a nice view can be a great and cozy area for afternoon rest, mini home garden and simply a lounge area. How to Create Cozy Balcony Design

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  • David Jameson Architect Project: Glenbrook Residence

    Glenbrook Residence is a project designed by David Jameson Architect looks very unusual and interesting. It’s polygonal structure mixes transparency and opaqueness. Glass & Stone Glenbrook Residence

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  • Building Flower Bed on Budget

    You need few tools to build a flower bed. It comes in handy when your budget is limited and you want a beautiful lawns with colorful splashes here and there. How to Build a Flower Bed on Budget

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