• Newly-Designed Products from Ligne Roset

    There are three major exhibitions in the field of furniture design and interior decoration in Europe at the beginning of each winter See new furniture items presented by Ligne Roset at the winter fairs

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  • Interior in Bentley Style

    Car brands are gradually taking over the world of design. A legendary automobile company Bentley signed a partnership with a manufacturer of luxury furniture Club House Italia and the architect Carlo Columbo to create its own collection – Bentley Home Collection. See photos of luxury furniture collection by Bentley

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  • Log Chop Bench by The Practice of Everyday Design

    The Practice of Everyday Design is a young, Canada-based studio that has two members: David Long and Antoine Morris. Interesting Furniture by Canadian Designers

  • Add Drama To Decor Using Elegant Settees

    Beautiful things are always pleasing to look at, so surrounding yourself with statement furniture might be just the right idea if you want to come home to escape from routine and please your sense of beauty. Dramatic Settees In Decor

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  • YOY Ideas: ‘Canvas’ Furniture That Looks Like Drawings

    Canvas is a furniture collection by designer and YOY design studio founder, Naoki Ono. Furniture That Looks Like Drawings

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  • Space-Saving Ideas: Transformer Apartments

    ‘Transformer’ apartments have become quate popular latetly as they allow having more areas in one room. Transformer Apartments Make More Room(s)

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  • Incredible Cloud-Inspired Designs

    Ever wanted to try and sit on a cloud. They are so inviting and fluffy it’s no wonder designers take inspiration from clouds for their designs. Cloud-Inspired Designs

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  • 5 Sofas That Transform Into Additional Bed

    Whether you want to catch some zzz’s during the day or house a guest for the night a transforming sofa that double as a bed can be a great space-saving solution for both. Sofas That Double As Bed

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  • Floating Sofa Collection by Karim Rashid

    This amazing float sofa is a new furniture piece by Karim Rashid, that was made exclusively for those who enjoy his awesome furniture designs. DIY Wall Decor

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  • Borghese Sofa by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

    Borghese Sofa designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance for La Chance was inspired by stone pines. Tree-Inspired Borghese Sofa

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  • Olympic-Inspired Furniture By Sir Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent

    London designers Sir Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent have created furniture line tribute to Olympic games. Olympic-Inspired Furniture Set

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  • Oz Sofa Bed by Nicola Gallizia

    Oz Sofa Bed designed by Nicola Gallizia can serve as both sofa and double bed. Oz Sofa Bed

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  • Transforming Furniture Collection by Karoline Fesser

    Designer Karoline Fesser has come up with a design concept of the transforming furniture that can be changed according to one’s needs. (more…)

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  • Combined Furniture: La caracola Couch & Table

    La caracola is a beautiful couch combined with a round side table that can serve for writing and storing things like magazines and telephone. Combined Furniture: La caracola Couch & Table

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  • Cupcake Furniture by Bretz

    Inspired by the cupcake pastry designer Carolin Fieber has created Cupcake furniture collection for Bretz. Cupcake-Inspired Furniture From Carolin Fieber

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  • Luxury Outdoor Furniture by Dolcefarniente

    Collezione siderale is a collection of beautiful luxury outdoor designed by designer Samuele Mazza. Creative Luxury Outdoor Furniture

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  • How To Choose Sofa

    Sofa is one of the living room’s focal points. It’s usually bigger than the rest of the furniture and it provides for comfort seating and aesthetic pleasure. Choose A Perfect Sofa

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  • Stylish: LUV Modular Sofa

    LUV Modular Sofa is a stylish modern furniture piece by designer and co-founder of Ventury Paris Vincent Cadena. Stylish Modular Sofa

  • Alfredo da Silva Polygonal Archetype Sofa

    Alfredo da Silva has designed this cool and stylish polygonal Archetype Sofa with a contemporary sharp shape. Alfredo da Silva Polygonal Archetype Sofa

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