• How to Decorate Rack or Shelves

    Racks or shelves decoration is not so much related to the interior design, but to decorating art. That is, actually, what we may do in our own free time. It is not right to consider racks as just a functional furniture items. See how to decorate shelves

  • Staircase and Desktop in One

    The staircase is an integral part of many houses. However, in most cases such structural elements occupy too much valuable space inside the building. That’s why there invented stairs with alternating steps. See the multifunctional staircase by Dutch designer

  • 10 Original Cupboards

    Cupboards seems like a thing that should be functional and…square, but modern design solutions offer many unexpected shapes, colors and functions. Have a look at 10 cupboards with unusual designs. 10 original cupboards

  • 25 Stylish Storage Solutions

    Storage takes a good part of living space so it better be stylish and eye-pleasing. Stylish Storage Solutions

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    • stylish storage
  • Get Creative With Magnetic Spirit Shelves

    Magnetic Spirit shelves is a concept design of a organizing wall system designed by Benoit Bayol that allows you to arrange and group the shelves the way you want and constantly change the look in the room. (more…)

  • 10 Coolest Designs Made Of Cardboard

    Cardboard is a great eco-friendly material that can be used not only for packaging but for many other purposes. Coolest Designs Made Of Cardboard

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  • Snarkitecture Rocky Shelves

    Snarkitecture has designed these laminated wood and fiberglass Shelves to look like excavated rocks. Rocky Shelves by Snarkitecture

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    • stone floating shelves
  • Strates System by Mathieu Lehanneur

    The Strates System by Mathieu Lehanneur is everything a home office requires. The design consists of a desk with multiple shelves for storage. Multifunctional Strates System

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    • strates system by mathieu lehanneur
  • Chair Shelves by Tess Hill

    Spanish designer Tess Hill has created some unusual shelves using old chairs. 1/2=1 shelves are both eye-catchy and cool. Shelves Made of Chairs

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  • Baptized By Nature Collection by Catherine Op de Beeck

    Baptized By Nature driftwood furniture collection by Catherine Op de Beeck. was created using driftwood and other materials. Stylish Driftwood Furniture & Accessory Collection

    Other interiorholics searched for:
    • driftwood furniture
    • baptized by nature
  • Storage Tips for Small Spaces

    Small-spaced homes can always use some more storage space. So here are the storage tips that will help utilize the free space aesthetically. Storage Tricks for Small-Spaced Homes

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  • Kitchen Islands: Multifunctional Tables

    Kitchen islands are the multifunctional tables that can include a stove, eating space, and cabinets for storing dishes and utensils. Pros And Cons of Kitchen Islands

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    • kitchen island table
    • kitchen islands
    • Shabby Chic Design Ideas
    • Shabby Chic Kitchen Design
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  • How to Organize Your Work Space

    Work space is important especially for those who work from home or take some work to be done at home. It’s easier if you have a special room for that but there are various of organizing your work space. Easy: How to Organize Work Space

    Other interiorholics searched for:
    • organizing your home
  • How to Clean Your Home in Minutes

    To clean your home in minutes it is generally should be kept neat and tidy. If clothes is hanging on the chairs or stuff is cluttering the room there is something wrong with organizing. How to Clean Your Home in Minutes

    Other interiorholics searched for:
    • clean house
  • Remodeling Tips for Studio Apartment

    Studio apartment usually combines the living, sleeping, working and sometimes cooking areas. Planning the whole interior design carefully will make it spacious and stylish. Here are some Remodeling Tips for Studio Apartment

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  • Tree Shelves from Olivier Dollé

    Olivier Dollé is a French designer who created tree-shaped shelves for storing and decorating purposes. Check out Tree Shelves from Olivier Dollé

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  • IKEA Bedroom Design Ideas 2011

    IKEA 2011 catalog is full of ideas. Combining their old and new products IKEA have to offer various stylish Bedroom Designs for 2011. Check out IKEA Bedroom Design Ideas 2011

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  • IKEA Bathroom Design Ideas 2011

    IKEA Bathroom Room Design Ideas 2011 are very stylish and inspiring. Myriad of details and accessories and yet neat organization make these bathrooms clean, cozy, and personal. Check out IKEA Bathroom Room Design Ideas 2011

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  • IKEA Living Room Design Ideas 2011

    IKEA Living Room Design Ideas 2011 were realized using new and old IKEA products. As always they combine style and functionality. Check out IKEA Living Room Design Ideas 2011

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