• 9 Main Tasks of Kitchen Renovation

    When planning a kitchen renovation, we envision a standard set of tasks: selection of colors and decorative materials, purchase of furniture and appliances. However, the modern approach to the repair involves a much wider range of activities. See main 9 steps to be taken during kitchen renovation

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  • 5 Ideas for Room Zoning

    For a comfortable stay in a residential area there should be several functional areas. Not all of us have financial capacities to buy a multi-bedroom apartment. That is why so many need to divide the room into zones See 5 basic ways to divide a room into zones

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  • Garage Transformed Into Guest House And Studio

    This project by PATH Architecture is a garage transformed into a guest house/yoga studio/artist’s studio. A two-storey multipurpose building features an outdoor spa and a sauna. Garage Transformation by PATH Architecture

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  • Principe’s Box House by u+a arquitectura

    Principe’s Box House is a remodeling project by u+a arquitectura that sees a 53 square meter apartment in a 1910 building transformed in a very different way. (more…)

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  • 14th Century Domus Civita Remodeled by Studio F

    Domus Civita is an incredible 14th century structure renovated by an architect Patrizio Fradiani. It was purchased in 2011 by an architect and was turned into a contemporary home with the ancient elements preserved in both exterior and interior. 14th Century Domus Civita Remodeled

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  • 4 Amazing Old Buildings Remodeled

    Old buildings may have a great potential to either carry on their old functions or be transformed into something new. Old Buildings Remodeled

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  • IKEA Furniture Remodeling Ideas

    Often, when we buy furniture it doesn’t really fit our interior design, or looks outdated. But it is not necessarily has to be thrown away. Here are some IKEA furniture remodeling tips. IKEA furniture remodeling

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  • Basement Décor Ideas by Candice Olson

    Candice Olsen is a renowned Canadian designer, who is gaining her popularity by her awesome remodeling tips. Candice Olson basement designs

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  • Family Room Design Ideas

    Family room or family area in the living room is where the residents gather to talk, play and simply spend some time together. How To Design Family Room

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  • Stylish Dining Room On Budget

    Stylish dining room is not necessarily an expensive one. Budget decor and design can be stylish too. Stylish Budget-Wise Dining Room Design Ideas

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  • How To Give Traditional Furniture Modern Makeover

    Dransfield & Ross definitely know how to give a traditional furniture piece a modern makeover. Dransfield & Ross Traditional Modern Chairs

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  • Budget-Wise Décor Basics

    Thinking about remodeling? Here are some budget-wise basics to keep in mind while shopping for needed materials. On Budget Décor Shopping Basics

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  • Bright Idea: Ceiling Remodeling Tips

    Remodeling your ceiling can be a bright idea. It will not only give your room a spark, it might also hide imperfections and other problems. Brightest Ideas are here: Ceiling Remodeling Tips

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  • Bedroom Remodeling Tips

    Bedroom is the room where we rest but decor-wise it is usually the most conservative, calm or plain. The same pastel tones, furniture arrangement and traditional decorations make most bedrooms look alike. Check out Bedroom Remodeling Tips

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  • Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathroom

    Small bathroom requires careful planning while decorating and remodeling. From color scheme to furniture think space-conscious solutions. Check out Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathroom

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  • Home Remodeling Ideas

    Homes and apartments, rooms and empty spaces need remodeling from time to time as the paint gets old, interior gets boring or additional living space is required. Check out Home Remodeling Ideas

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  • Remodeling on Budget

    Remodeling is a long and costly process but what to do if you’re on a budget? Read on Remodeling on Budget

  • Basement Remodeling Ideas

    Basement is another place in your home that is usually cluttered with stuff, well, say used as a storage area. But there are many ways to remodel your basement into a living space. Check out Basement Remodeling Ideas

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  • 6 Attic Remodeling Ideas

    Attics aren’t just rooms for storage anymore. They can be lovely and lively spaces. Here are 6 Attic Remodeling Ideas>>>

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