• Pantone’s Forecasts for 2014 Interior Color Trends

    Pantone, one of the biggest color authorities in the world, has outlined the nine main color themes for interior design in the upcoming year. See all 2014 Interior Color Trends

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  • Colorful Chevron House by Andy Martin Associates

    Chevron house reminded us of GMG House by Pedro Gadanho because of its bold colors that are use throughout the house. Colorful Chevron House

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  • Blue and Purple Interior Designs

    Blue and purple is an interesting color combination for interior decorating. Brighter shades make for colorful design while paler ones bring mystery to the room. Blue and Purple Color Schemes

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  • Purple And Green Interior Designs

    Purple and green is simply an amazing color mix as it is both colorful and elegant. Both colors in rich as well as pale shades look great together. Purple Green Color Scheme for Interior Design

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  • Purple Color Schemes for Home Design

    Purple is a great color for home design. There are rich and dark shades that add luxury to the room and there are light fresh hues that lighten up the decor. Beautiful Purple Color Schemes

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  • Curiousa & Curiousa Creative Pendant Lights

    Curiousa & Curiousa makes amazing pendant lights. Colorful and unexpected these beautiful pendants are surely to add some special appeal to any décor. Curiousa & Curiousa Stained Glass Pendants

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