• Stencils for Wall and Furniture Decor

    Stencils for wall decor can be a cheaper alternative and quite expensive wallpaper mural. Besides, they are easy to apply to any wall in the house. Learn more about decorating with stencils

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  • How To Get Monochromatic Color Scheme Right

    Deccorating in a single color might be both challenging and easy. From the first sight you have to choose only one color for the whole room and apply to the walls as well as the furnishings. Monochromatic Color Schemes

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  • How To Design Interior With Diamond And Argyle Patterns

    Diamond and argyle patterns are great for adding detail to interior design. Decorating With Diamond And Argyle Patterns

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  • Transform Your Walls With Patterned Paint Rollers

    Patterned paint rollers are the double rollers that help create a pattern on a painted wall. One of the rollers is patterned while the other one brings paint to the stencil. Patterned Paint Rollers For Bringing Patterns To Walls

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  • How To Decorate With Zebra Print

    Animal prints are commonly used in home decor and zebra is one of them. The monochromatic colors and interesting pattern make it a great accent in the decor. Decorate With Zebra Print

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  • How To Decorate With Patterned Wallpaper

    Patterned wallpaper brings great dynamic to the decor. It adds liveliness and detail filling up the space with it. Tips on Decorating With Patterned Wallpaper

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  • Space Enhancing Techniques

    Space, it’s never enough. But you can always enhance space within home by using several simple techniques that help save and declutter space. Easy Space Enhancing Techniques

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  • Stylish Striped Interiors

    Stripes are common in home decorating. They go well with many other patterns and can be very colorful. Cool & Stylish Striped Interiors

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  • How to Decorate With Floral Patterns

    Floral patterns are very common in interior decorating. They make a room more fresh, romantic and welcoming. But there are so many floral patterns out there. Tips on Decorating With Floral Patterns

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  • Interesting Blue Color Schemes For Living Room

    Blue is not only for bedrooms anymore. It is quite popular a color for living rooms as well and here are some ideas for interesting blue color schemes. Interesting Blue Living Rooms

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  • Interesting Color Scheme Tips

    Today we look into smart and interesting color schemes for home. Black and white maybe a stylish classic but there are many more interesting options. Get Inspired: Interesting Color Schemes

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  • Stylish Blue Color Schemes For Bedrooms

    Blue is a popular color choice for bedrooms. Baby blue mixed with plain white and the typical bedroom is ready. But how to make it more stylish? Get Inspired: Stylish Blue Bedrooms

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  • Marbelous Wood by Snedker ° Studio

    Marbelous Wood by Pernille Snedker Hansen is an amazing creation that reinvents wood as a finishing material we’ve known for a very long time. Rainbow-Colored Wood for Walls and Floors

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  • Colorful Missoni Target Home Collection

    Italian fashion house Missoni has teamed with Target for a colorful home collection . Bright & Stylish Missoni Target Home Collection

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  • Art Nouveau Decorating Style

    Art Nouveau decorating style started to emerge in 1890s with the Arts & Crafts movement. Very artistic and sinuous it derived its motifs from nature and arts. Art of Nature: Art Nouveau Decorating Style

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  • Beautiful Colorful Bed Linens

    There are plenty of beautiful colorful bed linens available on the modern market. Make it a focus of your bedroom. Pop of Color: Bright Bed Linens

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  • Liven Up Your Home Decor With Patterns And Prints

    Wonder how to liven up your home decor? Prints and patterns are great in dealing with boredom. Learn How to Use Patterns and Prints in Decor

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  • Pixel Furniture from Cristian Zuzunaga

    Long-based designer Cristian Zuzunaga has created a collection of furniture and interior accessories in pixel prints. Check out Pixel Furniture from Cristian Zuzunaga

  • 10 Ways To Choose Color Scheme

    Wondered how to choose color scheme? Well, it can be fun but tiring as there are so many colors and combinations around. Look at 10 ways to choose color scheme

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