• Ideal Dressing Table

    Dressing table is not just a piece of furniture, where you store your favorite perfume, cosmetics, and jewelry. Dressing table with all the pretty trinkets, necessary useful and beautiful little things is a special place See how to choose a dressing table

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  • Mirror House in New York

    New York studio STPMJ presented a project of the invisible house with mirror surface, which allows not immediately notice it in the forest landscape. The house appears and disappears, like a mirage, dissolving into the landscape. See the Invisible Barn project

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  • Malabar Lace Mirror

    Portuguese company Malabar released an interior series Carved Crochet, which became a part of the vast collection of Heritage Collection. At this time, the basic look has become old, very beautiful and delicate carved crochet technique. See photos of glorious lace mirrors

  • Playing with Light Through Stained Glass

    Pictures or windows of stained glass can transform any interior, making it look unique, elegant and unforgettable. Glowing works of art give the old boring decor new shades of sound See awesome examples of using stained glass in home interior

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  • More Creative Mirror Designs

    Beautiful wall decor is always something to invest into. It can bring so much into decor but it can also take you away from the everyday routine. Creative Mirrors

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  • Ocean Collection By Campana Brothers

    Designer duo Campana Brothers present their first gallery exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery with whom they designed the gorgeous ’Ocean Collection’. Ocean Collection at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

  • Windowless Bedroom Design Ideas

    Windows don’t only open our abodes to light and views but also act as decorations. They serve as focal points in the room and allow us to express our style through window treatments. (more…)

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  • How To Clean Mirrors

    Cleaning a mirror is not that difficult but keeping it perfectly shiny can be a daunting task. Clean & Keep Mirror Shiny

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  • How To Create Traditional Chic Bedroom Decor

    To create chic bedroom it’s best to start with the color scheme. Certain neutrals can be very stylish but on their own they might look too bland. Traditional Chic Bedroom Decor

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  • 5 Incredible Mirror Designs

    Mirror is not only a visual space-enhancer but also an accessory that add a lot of flair and style to the decor. Incredible Mirrors

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  • Mirrored Chest In Home Decor

    Mirrored chest can be seen in many modern and eclectic interiors. This small (or not very) piece of furniture both functional and glamorous is also visually space-saving. Mirrored Chest In Interior Design

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  • Creating Focal Point With Statement Mirror

    Mirror is a great way of adding a focus point to the room as well as filling in the empty wall above the sofa, fireplace, or elsewhere. Creating Focal Point

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  • Item Of The Week: Peacock Mirror

    Statement accessories such as peacock mirror make for ultimate eye-drawing focal point in the room or an impressive hallway. This Week’s Item – Peacock Mirror

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  • Dramatic Dressing Table Design Ideas

    Dressing table is a part of almost any bedroom. Get inspired to create a dramatic dressing nook. Dramatic Dressing Table Ideas

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  • Orion Mirror by Sofia Designers

    A mirror and a wall hook are the two common things that are often used in a hallway. Orion Mirror/Hook

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  • Iona Cheval Mirror by Pinch Design

    The Iona Cheval Mirror is a minimalist oval mirror and drawer that can make for a nice beauty table. Iona Cheval Mirror & Drawer

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  • Precious Mirror by Les M Design Studio

    Precious mirror designed by Les M Design Studio is a great organizing solution. Organizing Precious Mirror

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  • Hallway Renovation Ideas on Budget

    Hall is a high-traffic area that may require renovation more often than rooms. But it doesn’t mean it should be expensive and drastic. Learn Tips on Budget Hall Renovation

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  • Bent Mirror Shelf by Anika Engelbrecht

    German designer Anika Engelbrecht has designed a mirror “Bent” that features a curve that can be used as a shelf. Unbreakable Bent Mirror

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