• Colorful Marble Interior Design Ideas

    When we think of marble the visual association is usually virtually the same. White background with dark veins and streaks swirling and spreading beautfiully on the white stone like on canvas. Colorful Marble Designs

  • Furniture Marbling

    In the search for new solutions to old furniture decor you can always get inspired by different examples from designers. South Korean company Metafaux Design released a collection of swivel chairs made in the original technique of marbling, which can be used at home. See how to use the marbling technique

  • Marble Bathroom Design Ideas

    Marble is a beautiful stone that’s often used in bathroom design. Marble Bathroom Designs

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  • Tuscan Decorating Style

    Tuscan decorating style is warm and nature-inspired. Warm color schemes and rustic design elements are the key features of this style. Warm and Natural: Tuscan Decorating Style

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  • Julianne Moore’s Luxurious New York Pad for Sale

    Julianne Moore’s luxurious pad in New York is for sale for $12.5 million. Luxurious home is tastefully decorated and very spacious. Julianne Moore’s Too-Luxurious-not-to-see New York Pad for Sale

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  • Art Deco Decorating Style

    Art Deco is a glamorous and elegant decorating style. Read more about Art Deco Decorating Style

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  • Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

    Lady Gaga rents Bel Air mansion to stay at while in California. 6,143 square-foot Beverly Hills mansion with a huge pool and jacuzzi tub costs her $25,000 a month. Check out Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

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  • Contemporary Bathroom Designs

    Contemporary bathroom design combines style and functionality. Its distinctive features are clear lines, unusual shapes and materials as well as non-traditional approach. Check out Contemporary Bathroom Designs

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