• Doorway Wall Storage Solution For Small Spaces

    Doorway wall storage can make so much room for something else in the room. It is also a perfect way to organize your library, souvenir collection, or even kitchenware. Storage Solution For Small Spaces

  • Luxury Royal Library in Rio de Janeiro

    Libraries are often called the temple of science. For some it sounds too pathetic, but the elegant grandeur of the Brazilian Library Real Gabinete Portugues de Leitura ( Royal Portuguese Reading Room ) will certainly admire you. Learn more about the library

  • Home Office by Andrew Berman

    An American couple, the owners of luxury cottages on Long Island in the U.S., has expanded their ownership. They have bought one more hectare adjacent to their land. See a tiny home-office designed by Andrew Berman

  • Gymnasium Apartment In New York

    Gymnasium Apartment. The name is not accidental as it is located in an actual former gymnasium of Beaux Arts Police Headquarters Building. Apartment Made in Gymnasium

  • Small Home – Villa Piedad

    Villa Piedad is a small home studio of a Spanish designer in San Sebastián, Spain. Villa Piedad Remodeling

  • Good Idea? Library in Bathroom

    Library in the bathroom or bathtub in the library. Sounds like a good idea? Well, regardless of pros and cons of such a combination there are some designs that look rather appealing. Bathroom Library: Yay or Nay?

  • Loft Spaces In Interior Design

    The lack of space makes architects and designers seek for various solutions so the loft spaces in the interior design aren’t pertinent only to loft apartments anymore. Loft Spaces In Home Architecture

  • 5 Impressive Home Library Designs

    A personal library can be a great addition to the home for people who love books. A home library can not only be functional but also impressive design-wise. Impressive Home Libraries

  • Creative Design Ideas For Designing Home Library

    Home library can take up a lot of space or even a whole room. But there are a few creative design ideas that can help design a stylish home library anywhere in the house. Designing Home Library

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  • Small Apartments Library Ideas

    Are you book lover? Then you might be obsessed with obtaining and storing your books in a proper way. However, most of us don’t have much space to have a separate room for a library. In this post we will find out about minimum space library designs. Small Apartment Library Ideas

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  • Alternative Hallway Uses

    While entry hallway has its own special purpose the other hallways in the house can be redesigned for multiple different uses. Alternative Uses for Hallways

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  • Study Room Design Ideas

    Study room is very much like a home office or a library. It is functional in many ways. It can be used as a working space, a study area or a reading room. Study Room Ideas

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  • Unique & Creative Bookshelves

    Just yesterday we were looking at some cool home library designs so today we would like to show you some unique & creative bookshelves for your home. Home Library Decor: Unique & Creative Bookshelves

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  • Home Library Design Ideas

    Home library is a great area for book lovers. If you have many books and would love to have a quite place to enjoy them home library is what you need. (more…)

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  • Osbournes’ $12 Million California Mansion For Sale

    Osbournes have put up their famous California Hidden Hills mansion for $12 million. The huge luxurious house with the territory of 2.25 acres have six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Osbournes’ Famous Mansion is For Sale

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  • Home Remodeling Ideas

    Homes and apartments, rooms and empty spaces need remodeling from time to time as the paint gets old, interior gets boring or additional living space is required. Check out Home Remodeling Ideas

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  • Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

    Lady Gaga rents Bel Air mansion to stay at while in California. 6,143 square-foot Beverly Hills mansion with a huge pool and jacuzzi tub costs her $25,000 a month. Check out Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

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