• Easy Cooking With ChopChop Kitchen

    Less messy, more fun. Industrial designer Dirk Biotto has created a new ultimate multifunctional product – ChopChop Kitchen. ChopChop: A Multifunctional Kitchen Unit

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  • Mobalpa Kitchens of Alpine Wood

    One of the world’s most famous French manufacturers of kitchens, Mobalpa has grown from a tiny furniture shop in a small French town of Thônes, located in the beautiful region of Rhône-Alpes. In 1907, Eugene Fournier opened a small family-owned company that has been producing furniture of Alpine wood.

    Mobalpa: French Kitchen of Alpine Wood

    Kitchen from Tallys collection by Mobalpa

    Kitchen from Tallys collection by Mobalpa

    Nothing promised the world fame, glory and success to the enterprise, until 1946. That year the company has passed to the sons of its founder, Paul and Marcel. The brothers Fournier decided to concentrate on the manufacture of furniture for the kitchen, and in 1949 officially registered the Mobalpa trademark. They came up with the name by contracting and combining the words “furniture” and “Alps”.

    The company has changed a lot since the time of the development of the first samples in a small workshop in Thônes. Now Mobalpa has three factories in France, which lists three hundreds of façade options and more than 30 models of sets, as well as a staff of one thousand people. The company is known throughout the world thanks to the work of talented designers and engineers who embody its life motto: “Trust us your dream, and we will help you to realize it”.

    Mobalpa has always been different from a huge variety of kitchen furniture manufacturers due to its bold design solutions that blend harmoniously with the high-tech filling of the sets. Each kitchen is one of a kind, drawn from 4000 modules on individual wishes of a customer. And there are plenty of choice.  Mobalpa offers classics, Art Deco, minimalism, French Provence and high-tech, natural materials and bright colors.

    Mobalpa puts rational use of space and practicality on the cornerstone. The company, by the way, has its own laboratory, where the furniture is being tested at the rate of aging, fading and passes experimental crash tests.

    The French manufacture has awards in the field of design and exclusive technological developments that make cooking systems incredibly comfortable. For example, Mobalpa engineers have come up with a flexible material which carpets storage and separation sections in boxes. They also significantly increased useful volume in the drawers and cabinets, slightly reducing the height of the shelves and containers.

    Since the mid-nineties, the company produces furniture for bathrooms and walk-in closets, with the same enthusiasm combining bold design with the practicality of findings and technical perfection.

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  • 9 Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

    Kitchen renovation is a very costly exercise, especially if you have to change everything from finishing to the cabinets and appliances renovation. If during the repair you assume that you do not have funds for new kitchen cabinets, there is a great compromise See how to update old kitchen cabinets

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  • Electricity-Free Clay Refrigerator

    According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, while a large number of people in the world are starving, 1.4 millard tons of food per year is thrown into landfills. See how MittiCool fridge solves the problem of products’ storage

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  • Kitchen with Chinese Elements

    Chinese style often scares. You must admit, many associate it with cheap gizmos that are not suitable for well-designed and fashionable interior. Yet today Chinoiserie, or the changed Chinese style is already another picture that may appeal even to skeptics. See the design of the kitchen

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  • Invisible Kitchen in Paris

    Modern designers are true magicians and illusionists. They manage to create a functional interior, making it visually spacious, light and uncluttered. This can be said about the designers from Dutch design studio I29 Interior Architects. In all their works, they use all sorts of visual tricks, creating interior illusions.

    How to Hide Kitchen: Example from Paris

    Kitchen by I29 Interior Architects in Paris

    Kitchen by I29 Interior Architects in Paris

    And today we want to show a kitchen designed by Jasper Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen, who are the founders of the design studio I29 Interior Architects.

    One of the most popular methods of visual space expansion is interior glass doors. This element is used for trends such as strict functionalism, rapid high-tech or elegant minimalism. It is especially good to use this option if you want to combine the kitchen with the dining room or living room.

    Let’s look at the original kitchen, located in Paris, which blends with a common space, when interior glass doors are hidden.

    The kitchen interior is executed in elegant minimalism style. There are no kitchen units except one spacious island and a pair of black chairs in the room and walls beautifully decorated with light. A spacious window fills the kitchen with sunlight and expands the space.

    Designers used the bag of tricks and hid all the pieces of furniture for storage and appliances behind sliding panels.

    Black island is also very functional. You will not see immediately a modern cooker with extractor hood. But it is quite convenient to cook and there is a sink with water.

    But the whole effect of this kitchen is that the island has a working surface of a thickness not more than a few inches. There is an illusion of open space. And it’s true, nothing superfluous falls into the field of view. It is simply amazing magic that certainly will please fans of minimalism.

    In fact, the kitchen is small, but due to these tricks the designers managed to enlarge it visually. At first it seemed that everything is simple and clear, but in fact this simplicity goes with deep meaning and a little tricky secret.

    So the designers got the original illusion of space that relaxes and soothes. And if necessary the border can easily expand and let the kitchen merge with the common space.

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  • 6 Exquisite Designs of Kitchen Islands

    Functionality, comfort and aesthetics are the cornerstones of any kitchen. This article presents 12 innovative kitchen islands with the original design. A new generation of acrylic stone, which the presented kitchen islands are made of, is designed and manufactured by LG Hausys – the world’s leader in high technology sector from Geneva (Switzerland).

    6 Exquisite Kitchen Islands Made of Acrylic Stone

    Bright PURE island

    Bright PURE island 

    Due to its properties HI-MACS ® is able to provide an infinite number of designs with a unique finish. In addition, this material is handled as easily as wood. Its smooth and non-porous surface is easy to clean and treated with disinfectants. It also exhibits a high degree of resistance to high temperatures.

    Bright PURE island

    Extremely bold PURE island represents the perfect balance between elegance and innovation. Its original charm and attention to details is highly suited to the most avant-garde interiors.

    Futuristic kitchen island

    This kitchen island is a true work of art, ingeniously crafted by the designer Xavier Bonte. When all the doors are closed, the technical side of the island disappears and we see the object in the form of a cloud in the sky or space ship flying in the universe.

    Vintage and avant-garde AIR

    Due to the properties of acrylic stone, Air form Devol reflects the best qualities of the current and previous centuries, with a style that is both classic and being out of time. Wooden parts blend well with laminated aluminum end panels and coatings.

    Luxurious and functional PAXMANN

    This luxurious, futuristic kitchen combines forms and proportions with the technical and electronic devices in a uniform manner. Its bold lines challenge the laws of physics and gravity, due to the angular surfaces that float above the ground, hiding drawers without handles, which open and close automatically.

    Organic kitchen island from Romania

    White countertop of acrylic HI-MACS ® resembles the outline of the branches of trees and creates a soothing, comfortable and perfect atmosphere for cooking.

    Simplicity and accuracy of the island from Simone Piva

    This minimalist kitchen designed by Simone Piva. It has all the necessary functions and its pale white color goes well with other materials and objects. Simple lines with integrated lighting make the kitchen bright and modern.

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  • New Kitchen Models from Veneta Cucine

    Designers from the Italian factory Veneta Cucine are contrary to stereotypes, and create a new reality, showing absolute futurism in kitchen design. Freedom of thought, freedom of color, textures and compositions result in unique kitchens for unique and free people.

    Start Time and Tablet Kitchen Models from Veneta Cucine

    Start Time.Go kitchen from Veneta Cucine

    Start Time.Go kitchen from Veneta Cucine

    Veneta Cucine Designers turn kitchens into a space of individuality and self-expression, where every detail is a reflection of style and lifestyle of its owner. If you are looking for such a kitchen, then the models Start Time and Tablet from Veneta Cucine are for you.

    The design of these kitchens is developed for the definite character of the people. Kitchens Start Time and Tablet from Veneta Cucine are a design for those, who live “on the crest of a wave”, easily perceive innovation and use them in their life. These kitchens are for those, who are responsible for the environment and tenderly cares for it. Veneta Cucine’s furniture is focused just on those who are young and prefer versatility, as well as those who love creativity and innovation, constantly evolving and appreciate functionality, freedom and comfort in everything.

    Start Time and Tablet are open to creative research and the flight of thought: a combination of textures, colors and shades in the facades and accessories create amazing projects for the perfect interiors. Veneta Cucine paid attention to the financial component: both models are available for comfortable prices.

    Since 1967, the company produces exceptionally high quality and modern kitchens. During these years, despite the global crisis, the company stands firmly on its feet and pleases its fans with new collections and ideas, finding new fans worldwide.

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  • New Kitchen Designs with Nanotechnology

    Ernestomeda, the market leader in designer kitchens of high-end class, introduced a new model Soul and a new layout model of Icon at the kitchen exhibition Eurocucina 2014, held in the framework of the Milan furniture exhibition I Saloni. See the innovative kitchen designs

  • Dream House of Spanish Architect

    Architect Amador Calafat Busquets, born in Mallorca, always loved native nature. But fate brought him to Germany, where he started a family, had a brilliant career and seemed to be happy. But a piece of his soul was still given to the native land See the house, built in Spain

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  • 9 Main Tasks of Kitchen Renovation

    When planning a kitchen renovation, we envision a standard set of tasks: selection of colors and decorative materials, purchase of furniture and appliances. However, the modern approach to the repair involves a much wider range of activities. See main 9 steps to be taken during kitchen renovation

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  • 3 Modern Kitchen Trends for 2014

    Tendency to “lightness” makes kitchen furniture designers to seek new and innovative solutions that would allow the kitchen furniture look light and airy, and make kitchens look open and spacious. There are three trends of modern kitchens of 2013, which remain timely this year: hidden kitchen, “levitating” kitchen and “living” kitchen.

    3 Major Trends in Kitchen Design for 2014

    Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

    Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

    Hidden kitchen

    The main trend in the design of kitchen furniture is a desire to hide not only technology, but also shelves and storage boxes behind smooth facades. Moreover, in several models kitchen turns into a smooth wall with one touch of a button. The combination of colors and textures gives the facade a special attraction. Among the technical innovations we can note induction hobs, integrated directly into the countertop.

    “Levitating” kitchen

    Lightweight wall hanging modules of custom shapes and sizes are in trend. Due to clear contours in kitchen designs, the elements of the kitchen look like they are hovering in the air. Effect of soaring is supported by LED, which in recent years has become a fashionable element in kitchen design.

    “Living” kitchen

    Today, a clear preference is given to an open-plan kitchen furniture. It became quite popular to integrate kitchen into living areas, i.e. combination of life and cooking. Kitchen furniture is getting closer to the architectural creation and loses utility functions. That is why open surfaces are prevalent in the design of modern kitchens.

    Kitchen furniture is becoming more like a furniture for living. That allows it to fully integrate into the living space. The central place is occupied by an island made ​​of natural stone. It is a place for cooking, dinners, joint pastime with family and guests.


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  • Metal Furniture in Interior Design

    We mostly use wood furniture for interior decoration. It is a versatile option that can make any room feel cozier. However, considering the projects by contemporary designers, you will notice that they often create their designs adding metallic elements See metal furniture in modern interiors

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  • Elastic Living: Six Rooms in One

    This year Clei company that is known for its original models of transforming furniture celebrates its 50th anniversary. The anniversary was marked by creation of original designs – Elastic Living, a new system of organization of living space Check out how to fit six rooms in one

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  • Ecooking Vertical Multifunctional Kitchen

    Italian company Clei produces unique and luxurious transforming furniture. The company celebrated 50th anniversary this year and marked it with new innovative technologies and ideas for further development. See amazing innovative multifunctional kitchen from Clei

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  • Architectural Masterpiece of Oscar Niemeyer Restored

    Connoisseurs of architecture of the mid-twentieth century, Michael and Gabrielle Boyd discovered a forgotten architectural masterpiece of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in Los Angeles and brought it back to life. See photos of unique house designed by Oscar Niemeyer in Los Angeles

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  • Marble Tableware

    Sometimes  interior decoration doesn’t require any time or effort at all. Think bright and easy marble technic to decorate your glasses or china. Easy way to make your tableware look different.

  • How to Make Your Kitchen Unique

    Some creative details will make a kitchen not only the most important place in the house but a place of your culinary inspiration. (more…)

  • 7 Tips To Make Kitchen in Rental Apartment More Cozy

    To do, or not to do renovation in a renting apartment? That is the question that lots of tenants face. Simple Steps Make Kitchen Cozy

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