• Sia Home Fashion New Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection

    Sia Home Fashion produces decorative accessories for home. It has released its new fabulous Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection. Sia Home Fashion New Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection

  • Home Decorating With Collection Items

    Home collection is a great way to add personality to your home. To make your collection look well in home decor you should consider the following common rules. If you have just decided to start gathering your own collection, it is important to choose a field of your interest. The collection does not necessarily have to consist of only one type of item. It can combine things of particular era, style or color. See how to use your home collection to decorate your interior

  • Scrapwood Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

    The most important thing about any interior is its background. That’s why designers and architects pay so much attention to developing new colors and textures for floors and wall coverings. Here is an innovation from a Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. Designers bring timber into wallpaper

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  • How to Design Yoga Room at Home

    Modern life always goes in circle – tough and limited by responsibility, schedules, endless movement and various problems at work and at home. Where to find the inner peace? The answer is simple – design your own room for yoga at home. How to create interior for yoga room.

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  • Kirimaya House in Thailand by Architectkid

    A bizarre residence located 150 km from Bangkok definitely should belong to pieces of unusual architecture. Its creator broke the rules of familiar architectural practice by building a house of two blocks of a completely different structure and dimension. Architecture for enjoying the landscape.

  • 3D Carpets Introduced to Home Interiors

    Startling 3D carpets are conquering home interiors. No wonder why – they aren’t just unusual, they belong to the type of things that are called Art. They just move back all other elements of interior and grab all the attention.
    3D crapets in interior.

  • Original Bridge Shelves by Outofstock

    Do you consider shelves too massive and complicated to bring them into minimalistic interior? Here is a way out presented by Bridge Shelves designed in extremely simple way one can imagine for a shelf. Bridge shelves for minimalistic home interior.

  • How to Paint Brick Wall…or Leave It Plain

    A piece of plain brick wall looks at you urgently every single day and whispers into you ear: Paint me. You struggle for some time, but at last you can’t endure the pitiful look of a plain brick wall. Finally you approach the wall and look at it critically: What am I going to paint you? Do something about plain brick wall.

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  • Columns In Interior Design

    Columns in the interior design look grand and attractive. They provide the interior with lines and shapes that make for stylish architectural detail. Interior Designs With Columns

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  • 10 Stylish Modern Cabins

    Cabins have re-emerged in modern designs and now can function as houses in their own right. Stylish & Modern Cabins

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  • Gym Equipment In Interior Design

    Home gym requires extra space and there isn’t always any. So how to fit the gym equipment into the interior design without sacrificing the room appearance? How to Fit Gym Equipment Into Interior Design

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  • Interesting Bathroom Interior Architecture

    Interesting bathroom design can be achieved through many different solutions. From unconventional architectural details to unique decorations and finishing. Interesting Bathroom Interior Designs

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  • Bright And Colorful Interior Design by Rebecca James

    Designer Rebecca James of Interior Desires has created a bright and colorful townhouse interior design in London. Bright & Colorful Townhouse Interior Design

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  • Beautiful Pastel Interior Designs

    Pastels are great to decorate with. First of all, they are soft and they reflect light which help make the room look bigger and lighter.  Pastel Interior Designs

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  • How To Create Focal Point

    A focal point is an important part of the interior design. It unites the room decorations and draws attention. Tips On Creating Focal Point

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  • Blue and Purple Interior Designs

    Blue and purple is an interesting color combination for interior decorating. Brighter shades make for colorful design while paler ones bring mystery to the room. Blue and Purple Color Schemes

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  • Yellow And Blue Color Scheme

    Yellow and blue look great together. Both are bright and can be mixed in various shades as well as look good with other bright accent colors. Yellow And Blue Color Scheme for Home Decorating

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  • Blue And Green Interior Designs

    Blue and green color scheme for an interior is both bright and interesting. It can be used for kids room as well as the living room and the kitchen. Blue Green Color Schemes

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  • Black Interior Designs

    Black color schemes make space seem smaller but they also make it stylish. Black also matches with most colors so it is easy to create add different colors to it. Black Interior Design Ideas

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