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  • Top 7 Brightest Interior Designs

    The bright colors don’t only make your mood brighter but they became a modern interior design trend, bringing rich hues into home interiors and making the rooms appear bigger. Bright Colors In Interior Decorating

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  • Aristocratic Spirit Of Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa

    A lot of luxury hotels open all over the world, but there is one that I’d like to highlight. Interior Design of Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa

  • Apartment Overlooking Bay Of Naples

    Apartment overlooking the Bay of Naples belongs to imagemaker and a fan of art Mary Mashiopinto. Overhaul of a 200 square meter apartment in a house built in the 70′s lasted for four years. Luxury Apartment in Naples

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  • Outstanding Apartment Design Influenced By Art Deco

    There are so many unique and outstanding apartments in big city downtowns all over the world. Most people refuse designing their apartments and lofts in a classic way using pastel color scheme. It seems that it became popular to be extraordinary. Luxury Apartment in Art Deco

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  • Bar in Living Room Interior

    Bar table is a versatile piece of furniture that carries not only the practical benefit, serving as a venue for parties and gatherings, the dining table and bar corner, but also adds aesthetic “flavor” in the design of any room. Bar in Living Room

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  • Home Interior Design at Subconscious Level

    Homely atmosphere, the interior of your home and the setting affects directly your character, perception of the world and life in general. How to start a new life? Let’s start with the interior of your home. See how to decorate home interior for different people

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  • Interior Design in Shining Orchid

    Pantone, a recognized authority in the field of color, announced a mysterious glowing orchid a shade of the year. Admiring the bold choice of the masters, we explain how to cope with an unusual trend and use it in interior design.  See how to apply it in home interior

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  • Designer Vs. Decorator

    Is there a difference between interior design and decoration? Or is it just marketing techniques to attract potential customers? Many of us confuse interior designers with decorators. Find the differences between them

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  • Mobalpa Kitchens of Alpine Wood

    One of the world’s most famous French manufacturers of kitchens, Mobalpa has grown from a tiny furniture shop in a small French town of Thônes, located in the beautiful region of Rhône-Alpes. In 1907, Eugene Fournier opened a small family-owned company that has been producing furniture of Alpine wood. More of Mobalpa Kitchens

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  • 5 TOP European Designers

    When we are going to do extensive remodeling in our apartments, it is best to invite a professional designer. And if the designer has also extensive experience, as well as a fairly well-known, that is the reason to expect better results. See 5 best designers from Europe

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  • Sarah Jessica Parker’s Minimalist House

    Usually we imagine a house of a celebrity like this: a large area; interior, created with the help of an eminent designer; custom made furniture in a single copy. But the truth is, that in fact celebrities are the same people See Sarah Jessica Parker’s house

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  • Four Secrets of Studio Planning

    This apartment is the perfect embodiment of the modern dream of a beautiful, comfortable and original studio apartment. Let us see together, how to make your apartment look like such studio, using the four secrets outlined in this article. Learn more about studio planning

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  • Bathroom for Kids in Modern Classics Style

    The bathroom, which we will show you today, is designed for children by its mission, but not in style. Customers of this project chose the “adult” elegant design, contributing to the building of good taste and sense of beauty in their children.  Modern Bathroom Design for Kids

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  • Urban Paradise in Spain

    This loft in the Spanish city of Terrassa is a former commercial real estate, which the architects Egue & Seta turned into a living space. The first thing that catches the eye in the house is a garden. As soon as guests step on oak flooring, their attention is drawn to the green zone. See the spectacular loft in Spain

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  • 6 Play Zones for Children

    Children play everywhere, and their imagination knows no boundaries. The task of parents is to organize space for the realization of these fantasies using discreet and unusual borders. See 6 simple ideas of play zones for kids

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  • Roll House in South Korea

    A married couple, who work as teachers in the South Korean city of Miryang, appealed to the Moon Hoon architectural agency with an ordinary request at first glance. The couple asked the architects to build a house for their small family.  See the unique house in South Korea

  • Maisons du Monde Summer Trends 2014

    French brand Maisons du Monde known in Europe, released summer collection of furniture for original interior designs. They are distinguished by bright colors and the idea of ​​mixing them in the most daring combinations.  See two furniture collection from Maisons du Monde

  • Interiors by Fashion Designer Christian Lacroix

    Famous designers and world-renowned fashion houses now offer their fans not only clothes, numerous accessories and perfumes, but also stylish furniture, original features, and even entire interiors. See the interiors designed by Christian Lacroix

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  • Grunge Style in Interior Design

    At the sight of the interior in the style of grunge we recall old movies about family estates. Grunge style in interior design stands out from other design styles and successfully combines simplicity, elegance and comfort. See how to create the grunge style in the interior

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