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  • Maisons du Monde Summer Trends 2014

    French brand Maisons du Monde known in Europe, released summer collection of furniture for original interior designs. They are distinguished by bright colors and the idea of ​​mixing them in the most daring combinations.  See two furniture collection from Maisons du Monde

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  • Interiors by Fashion Designer Christian Lacroix

    Famous designers and world-renowned fashion houses now offer their fans not only clothes, numerous accessories and perfumes, but also stylish furniture, original features, and even entire interiors. See the interiors designed by Christian Lacroix

  • Grunge Style in Interior Design

    At the sight of the interior in the style of grunge we recall old movies about family estates. Grunge style in interior design stands out from other design styles and successfully combines simplicity, elegance and comfort. See how to create the grunge style in the interior

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  • Decorating Room for Newborn

    If you are preparing to become a parent, this article will be especially interesting for you, as it is about how you can design a nursery for a newborn. And today we will tell you about the baby room for Liberty, whose mother, Katie Richardson, is an interior designer.

    How to Decorate Room for Newborn

    Liberty's room by Katie Richardson

    Liberty’s room by Katie Richardson

    Katie became a mother for the fourth time, so she knows exactly knows what to do to create the most comfortable conditions for a kid.

    When she worked on the interior for the child, she was pregnant with baby Liberty. The first thing that Katie made was ​​ making sure that the room was light. To do this, she used white color. It is diluted by elements of green shade, wood and trendy Moroccan pouffe of genuine leather.

    The second important point on which the expectant mother has emphasized is the natural materials. Here you can watch wood, leather, sheepskin, soft viscose coating.

    Natural motifs found their place in decor items. One of them is a pot with a small evergreen tree. It is next to the changing table. By the way, its role is given to a six drawers dresser, on which there is another box for the newborn.

    The dresser with a changing box

    The dresser with a changing box

    Kathy applied this technique with a certain reason. In her idea when the baby grows up, you can simply remove the box for swaddling from the dresser. It is convenient and practical.

    A rocking chair here is provided for mom, where she can comfortably sit and quietly feed the baby or relax until the newborn falls asleep in the crib.

    This room is not large, but due to the skillful use of space, use of bright colors, large windows and use of natural materials, it turned out in the newborn warm, filled with light and maternal love.

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  • Invisible Kitchen in Paris

    Modern designers are true magicians and illusionists. They manage to create a functional interior, making it visually spacious, light and uncluttered. This can be said about the designers from Dutch design studio I29 Interior Architects. In all their works, they use all sorts of visual tricks, creating interior illusions.

    How to Hide Kitchen: Example from Paris

    Kitchen by I29 Interior Architects in Paris

    Kitchen by I29 Interior Architects in Paris

    And today we want to show a kitchen designed by Jasper Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen, who are the founders of the design studio I29 Interior Architects.

    One of the most popular methods of visual space expansion is interior glass doors. This element is used for trends such as strict functionalism, rapid high-tech or elegant minimalism. It is especially good to use this option if you want to combine the kitchen with the dining room or living room.

    Let’s look at the original kitchen, located in Paris, which blends with a common space, when interior glass doors are hidden.

    The kitchen interior is executed in elegant minimalism style. There are no kitchen units except one spacious island and a pair of black chairs in the room and walls beautifully decorated with light. A spacious window fills the kitchen with sunlight and expands the space.

    Designers used the bag of tricks and hid all the pieces of furniture for storage and appliances behind sliding panels.

    Black island is also very functional. You will not see immediately a modern cooker with extractor hood. But it is quite convenient to cook and there is a sink with water.

    But the whole effect of this kitchen is that the island has a working surface of a thickness not more than a few inches. There is an illusion of open space. And it’s true, nothing superfluous falls into the field of view. It is simply amazing magic that certainly will please fans of minimalism.

    In fact, the kitchen is small, but due to these tricks the designers managed to enlarge it visually. At first it seemed that everything is simple and clear, but in fact this simplicity goes with deep meaning and a little tricky secret.

    So the designers got the original illusion of space that relaxes and soothes. And if necessary the border can easily expand and let the kitchen merge with the common space.

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  • Female Mini Duplex Loft Interior

    The owner of this wonderful apartment is an advertising agent. This apartment is small in size, but has a major advantage over most other – two levels. She wanted to create an interior full of comfort on each of the floors. See the soft loft design

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  • New Kitchen Models from Veneta Cucine

    Designers from the Italian factory Veneta Cucine are contrary to stereotypes, and create a new reality, showing absolute futurism in kitchen design. Freedom of thought, freedom of color, textures and compositions result in unique kitchens for unique and free people.

    Start Time and Tablet Kitchen Models from Veneta Cucine

    Start Time.Go kitchen from Veneta Cucine

    Start Time.Go kitchen from Veneta Cucine

    Veneta Cucine Designers turn kitchens into a space of individuality and self-expression, where every detail is a reflection of style and lifestyle of its owner. If you are looking for such a kitchen, then the models Start Time and Tablet from Veneta Cucine are for you.

    The design of these kitchens is developed for the definite character of the people. Kitchens Start Time and Tablet from Veneta Cucine are a design for those, who live “on the crest of a wave”, easily perceive innovation and use them in their life. These kitchens are for those, who are responsible for the environment and tenderly cares for it. Veneta Cucine’s furniture is focused just on those who are young and prefer versatility, as well as those who love creativity and innovation, constantly evolving and appreciate functionality, freedom and comfort in everything.

    Start Time and Tablet are open to creative research and the flight of thought: a combination of textures, colors and shades in the facades and accessories create amazing projects for the perfect interiors. Veneta Cucine paid attention to the financial component: both models are available for comfortable prices.

    Since 1967, the company produces exceptionally high quality and modern kitchens. During these years, despite the global crisis, the company stands firmly on its feet and pleases its fans with new collections and ideas, finding new fans worldwide.

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  • 6 Ideas of Using Standalone Bathtub

    There are two types of a bathtub location: middle of the room or against a wall. This is the first question that you will have to answer before a work of plumbers. After that you can go to the creative procedures and think about the style of design in the interior. See 6 examples of how to arrange a bathtub

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  • 5 Creative Ideas for Kids Rooms

    Many parents agree that the creation of a place for a child, where he would be interested to learn, play, develop and grow, is a very important task. The environment of children has a huge impact on how they grow and develop, so parents are always trying to make a room for their children comfortable and fun as much as possible.

    5 Creative Ideas that Your Kids Will Love

    Descent to the playroom

    Descent to the playroom 

    We have tried to facilitate this difficult choice and provide you with 5 most interesting and unusual ideas for decorating your child’s room.

    Pirate ship

    American designer Steven Kuhl from Minnesota and his Kuhl Design Build studio developed a wonderful design of a kids room for 6 years old children in the style of a pirate ship. Children’s bedroom is done in blue tone with images of the fish and sharks on the walls to simulate water. The construction in the form of the ship is installed under the ceiling and is equipped with an observation deck, a rope bridge that can withstand even the adult, and the hidden descent into a cache on the second floor.

    Secret room in the style of The Chronicles of Narnia

    After watching The Chronicles of Narnia, many children would dream to enter the closet one day and find themselves in a fairy forest of the magic kingdom.

    To implement this vision of your child, make a beautiful painted cabinet without back wall. Place it carefully right before the door to the children’s bedroom.

    Spaceship Bed

    This fantastic machine was built by Redditor and father Jeremiah Gorman for his son.  There is a  huge control panel under the bed. It is made out of actual discarded electrical equipment.

    Descent to the playroom

    If you have two or more floors in the house, you can implement this excellent idea. Make a quick and fascinating descent into a playroom for children. children and even adults will love this slide.

    Secret room on the tree

    And this idea is suitable, if there is a game room on the top floor. Children will be interested to climb to a room by the ladder, if the ladder will be fixed to the “fabulous tree” depicted on the wall and ceiling.

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  • 5 Sofas that Became Legends

    Despite the fact that we all know from childhood what sofa is and what is its direct purpose, sofa still remains one of the most exciting and versatile pieces of furniture. See the most amazing sofas, which have become the part of the history of design

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  • Brutal Masculan Interior Design

    The interior of the dwelling emphasizes the character of the homeowner. If the apartment is fully owned by a man, this interior will be difficult to be confused with the female. Here you won’t find flowers and crawfish, sweet candy colors and flowery patterns. See what designers offer for masculan interiors

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  • “Windows” in Diesel Home Collection

    Kimihiko Okada, an honored architect and interior designer, has come up with a new concept of the interior for a large store Diesel Home Collection, located in the popular shopping and entertainment center Shibuya in Tokyo. See the collection designed by famous designer Kimihiko Okada

  • Japanese Aesthetics and Danish Functionality

    Denmark and Japan, recognized leaders in the field of design, are in the spotlight. Despite the long distance between the two countries, they are largely similar to their values: simplicity and authenticity are always on the first place.  See the fusion collection from BoConcept

  • House in Rio de Janeiro

    Brazil is a large and diverse country: the jungle, where lots of wild monkeys are interspersed with bustling metropolises; ancient churches of the colonization times coexist with of the masterpieces of Oscar Niemeyer; carnival rhythms replaced by team fight songs of football fans. See a quite oasis in the Tijuca forest

  • Spanish Designer’s Home Design

    Sofía Calleja is a talented Spanish designer. She is engaged in the design of furniture and interior decoration. She loves bright colors and unusual combinations. See how she decorated her own home

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  • Jeweler’s Apartment in Mumbai

    In 2009, when Barack Obama hosted a dinner in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the first lady impressed the guests with her earrings made of amber, diamonds and pink tourmalines designed by Anuj Shah. See interior design of Shah’s apartment in Mumbai

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  • Russian Billionaire’s Castle in Umbria

    American decorator Martin Lawrence Bullard designed a castle in Umbria for Russian billionaire Evgeny Lebedev. He is friends with Eugene for many years. And together they share a love for all Italian things. See luxury interior design of the castle in Umbria

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  • Eclectic House in San Francisco

    Interior designer Benjamin Dhong seeks to achieve a balance between comfort, elegance and a certain degree of drama in all his projects. He says, you can trust those houses and apartments, where such balance exists. See eclectic home interior of an investment banker

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  • 4 Ideas of Ombre Effect in Interior Design

    Ombre is a new interior trend, which is based on a color change from dark to light tones or from one shade to another. This technique can also be called “degrade” or “gradient”. It can be used in a variety of interior decoration items. See four decorating options

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