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  • Brutal Masculan Interior Design

    The interior of the dwelling emphasizes the character of the homeowner. If the apartment is fully owned by a man, this interior will be difficult to be confused with the female. Here you won’t find flowers and crawfish, sweet candy colors and flowery patterns. See what designers offer for masculan interiors

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  • “Windows” in Diesel Home Collection

    Kimihiko Okada, an honored architect and interior designer, has come up with a new concept of the interior for a large store Diesel Home Collection, located in the popular shopping and entertainment center Shibuya in Tokyo. See the collection designed by famous designer Kimihiko Okada

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  • Japanese Aesthetics and Danish Functionality

    Denmark and Japan, recognized leaders in the field of design, are in the spotlight. Despite the long distance between the two countries, they are largely similar to their values: simplicity and authenticity are always on the first place.  See the fusion collection from BoConcept

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  • House in Rio de Janeiro

    Brazil is a large and diverse country: the jungle, where lots of wild monkeys are interspersed with bustling metropolises; ancient churches of the colonization times coexist with of the masterpieces of Oscar Niemeyer; carnival rhythms replaced by team fight songs of football fans. See a quite oasis in the Tijuca forest

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  • Spanish Designer’s Home Design

    Sofía Calleja is a talented Spanish designer. She is engaged in the design of furniture and interior decoration. She loves bright colors and unusual combinations. See how she decorated her own home

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  • Jeweler’s Apartment in Mumbai

    In 2009, when Barack Obama hosted a dinner in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the first lady impressed the guests with her earrings made of amber, diamonds and pink tourmalines designed by Anuj Shah. See interior design of Shah’s apartment in Mumbai

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  • Russian Billionaire’s Castle in Umbria

    American decorator Martin Lawrence Bullard designed a castle in Umbria for Russian billionaire Evgeny Lebedev. He is friends with Eugene for many years. And together they share a love for all Italian things. See luxury interior design of the castle in Umbria

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    • Luxury House Photos
  • Eclectic House in San Francisco

    Interior designer Benjamin Dhong seeks to achieve a balance between comfort, elegance and a certain degree of drama in all his projects. He says, you can trust those houses and apartments, where such balance exists. See eclectic home interior of an investment banker

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  • 4 Ideas of Ombre Effect in Interior Design

    Ombre is a new interior trend, which is based on a color change from dark to light tones or from one shade to another. This technique can also be called “degrade” or “gradient”. It can be used in a variety of interior decoration items. See four decorating options

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  • Architecture for Dogs

    “Architecture for Dogs” project is implemented with love and care. It is a Japanese joint project of the creative team of architects and designers. It offers a new way of positive communication between people and their pets See interesting indoor dog houses by different designers

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  • Old Industrial Complex in Bordeaux

    At first there was a winery. It was inherited by a known merchant in Bordeaux, Francois Perrier. By the middle of the XVIII century, his growing production moved from the wooden shack to a large stone building Find out more about interesting history of the buildings

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  • 4 Best European Hotels of 2013

    The European Hotel Design Awards in London traditionally announces winners at the end of each year. It honors the best European hotels of the year. The jury evaluates the architectural appearance of the hotels as well as the design of individual facilities: cafes, restaurants, SPAs and even bathrooms. See th best European hotels of 2013

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  • 3 Modern Kitchen Trends for 2014

    Tendency to “lightness” makes kitchen furniture designers to seek new and innovative solutions that would allow the kitchen furniture look light and airy, and make kitchens look open and spacious. There are three trends of modern kitchens of 2013, which remain timely this year: hidden kitchen, “levitating” kitchen and “living” kitchen.

    3 Major Trends in Kitchen Design for 2014

    Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

    Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

    Hidden kitchen

    The main trend in the design of kitchen furniture is a desire to hide not only technology, but also shelves and storage boxes behind smooth facades. Moreover, in several models kitchen turns into a smooth wall with one touch of a button. The combination of colors and textures gives the facade a special attraction. Among the technical innovations we can note induction hobs, integrated directly into the countertop.

    “Levitating” kitchen

    Lightweight wall hanging modules of custom shapes and sizes are in trend. Due to clear contours in kitchen designs, the elements of the kitchen look like they are hovering in the air. Effect of soaring is supported by LED, which in recent years has become a fashionable element in kitchen design.

    “Living” kitchen

    Today, a clear preference is given to an open-plan kitchen furniture. It became quite popular to integrate kitchen into living areas, i.e. combination of life and cooking. Kitchen furniture is getting closer to the architectural creation and loses utility functions. That is why open surfaces are prevalent in the design of modern kitchens.

    Kitchen furniture is becoming more like a furniture for living. That allows it to fully integrate into the living space. The central place is occupied by an island made ​​of natural stone. It is a place for cooking, dinners, joint pastime with family and guests.


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  • Houseboat on Seine

    Marie and Michael are happy owners of a barge on the Seine. They are sure that lucky star led them to the Seine. There is not a wide selection of barges on the market, so they have bought Freycinet built in 1930. See how to remodel a barge into a stunning houseboat

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  • Home Decorating With Collection Items

    Home collection is a great way to add personality to your home. To make your collection look well in home decor you should consider the following common rules. If you have just decided to start gathering your own collection, it is important to choose a field of your interest. The collection does not necessarily have to consist of only one type of item. It can combine things of particular era, style or color. See how to use your home collection to decorate your interior

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  • House in Tahoe Style

    You have probably heard about the Tahoe Lake region. The region that can be called one of the most beautiful and scenic areas around the world is located in California, USA. Find out more about Tahoe style in home interior design

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  • Metal Furniture in Interior Design

    We mostly use wood furniture for interior decoration. It is a versatile option that can make any room feel cozier. However, considering the projects by contemporary designers, you will notice that they often create their designs adding metallic elements See metal furniture in modern interiors

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  • How to Create Healthy Home Interior

    It is well known that we can feel good in one house, whereas in the other one we often have headaches and feel sick. Today, thanks to the combined efforts of physicians, psychologists, ecologists, and designers, this inexplicable phenomenon is unraveled. See how to make your home healthy

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  • Trends at Ambiente 2014

    Traditionally Ambiente International exhibition of interior design, home furnishings, gifts, and floriculture, held in February in Frankfurt, is where specialists from the known German agency bora.herke.palmisano present design trends of consumer goods See the main Ambiente 2014 Interior Design trends

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