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  • Brutal Masculan Interior Design

    The interior of the dwelling emphasizes the character of the homeowner. If the apartment is fully owned by a man, this interior will be difficult to be confused with the female. Here you won’t find flowers and crawfish, sweet candy colors and flowery patterns. See what designers offer for masculan interiors

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  • Oil Painting in Interior Design

    Paintings are good accents in the interior. They create a mood, a sense of harmony and perfection. Each painting technique is good in its own way. In this article we will focus on oil paintings. In oil painting special inks are used. Learn how to use oil paintings in interior design

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  • Retro Phones in Modern Interiors

    In our age of new technologies more and more people experience cravings for retro things, which allow us to see the beauty in details, feel the charm of the old, evaluate the full significance of individuality, which lived for ages. See how to make a charming interior design using a retro phone

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  • Maison & Objet 2014 Highlights

    By tradition, the end of January in Paris turned into a Mecca for designers, decorators, architects, interior shops owners, connoisseurs and fans of design. Major furniture brands presented their new products and items at the Maison & Objet 2014. See most vivid items, showed at the exhibition

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  • Scout Home Security System

    Scout alarm system is a very useful and incredibly stylish system from Sandbox Industries. It functions to make life comfortable and secure. Scout owners do not need intermediaries, extra expenses, and a special app for smartphone. See innovative home security system

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  • Compact Star-Shaped Dryer

    Even a dryer for washed clothes can be an interesting design object. Furniture designer Aaron Dunkerton has designed a nice and compact clothes dryer that will suit small apartments. See Aaron Dunkerton’s star-shaped dryer

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  • Japanese Panels: Minimalism and Versatility

    Today Japanese panels are very popular worldwide. They are very beautiful, their colors are so varied that they can suit any interior, transforming it, creating a unique image of the room and a custom, oriental flavor. See how to use Japanese curtains

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  • Three Trends in Interior Design for 2014

    New Year is coming rapidly. It is an excellent opportunity to make a pleasant change un your interior. Home design has certain fashionable trends. See three main trends in interior design for the coming year

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  • Stained Glass for Luxurious Interior

    What is the most luxury thing about all temples and residences belonging to the age of Renaissance? Here is a hint – this is probably the only one detail still widely used in the modern design. And the answer is – stained glass. How stained glass looks like in modern interiors.

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  • Arbutus+Denman Presents Wall Buttons

    Any renovated room has got a face. It’s got nice body too but still something is missing. Probably, your room interior has not found its soul yet. All you need is some small but unique detail reflecting the mood of the whole interior design. How do you button your wall?

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  • Lamps Inspired by Cocktail Glasses

    We have got some latest interesting news from the Design Week 2013 in Eindhofen, Netherlands. Only the brightest ideas and creations are exhibited there and some of them might be pretty useful for our interiorholics. Lighting ideas pesented in Holland

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  • Soil Clock; New Eco-Friendly Gadget

    Eco-friendly technologies enter our everyday life. Those, who are worried about environmental protection and try to bring only eco-friendly technologies into their houses, can renew their interior with another green gadget now. New eco-friendly gadget enters your life.

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  • RGB Lighting in Interior Design

    Good news from the world of innovations! A brand new technology is becoming more popular all over the world. RGB bulbs have much more advantages than the usual electric bulbs, fluorescent bulbs or halogen lamps. Why to install RGB lightning in your house.

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  • Torn Lights by Billy May

    Such kind of a room can be seen in sci-fi TV-series, at the beginning of an episode. It is lit by mystical light that seems to appear from parallel reality. Like something is trying to get into our world. Shiny cracks in the corners or in the center of a solid wall. This amazing effect can be achieved thanks Torn Lights. Mystical lightning in interior.

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  • 3D Carpets Introduced to Home Interiors

    Startling 3D carpets are conquering home interiors. No wonder why – they aren’t just unusual, they belong to the type of things that are called Art. They just move back all other elements of interior and grab all the attention.
    3D crapets in interior.

  • Original Bridge Shelves by Outofstock

    Do you consider shelves too massive and complicated to bring them into minimalistic interior? Here is a way out presented by Bridge Shelves designed in extremely simple way one can imagine for a shelf. Bridge shelves for minimalistic home interior.

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  • 10 Accessory Ideas for Office

    Your office is your Holy Altar of work success. And success starts with small details surrounding you at your working place. They are always near to serve their functions and bring inspiration for work. Here I suggest some things for your office to be details of your success. Some accessories for effective work.

  • Shabby Chic Decorating Style

    So what is shabby chic anyway? You probably already guessed. It’s when you put more effort into making your interior look older rather than newer. Shabby Chic Decorating Style

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  • Key Elements To Successful Interior Design

    Experts single out three key elements to successful interior design. Functionality, mood and harmony. Check out Key Elements To Successful Interior Design

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