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  • Madrid Apartment: Fusion of Styles

    If you can’t decide on any particular decorating style for your interior, one of the options might be the fusion of styles! Tiny Madrid Flat

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  • Old Warehouse Conversion

    This old warehouse originally built in 1930s in San Francisco was converted into a modern home by Natoma Architects and a designer Stanley Saitowitz. Warehouse Conversion Into Home

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  • 5 Great Warehouse Conversions

    Warehouse conversions just might be as popular as the church ones. Thanks to spacious industrial buildings the converted homes allow open airy layouts. Stylish Warehouse Conversions

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  • Stylish Industrial Chic Bedroom Designs

    Industrial chic bedroom can be stylish and comfortable. To create such a design though one has to find ways to balance the industrial feel with the warmth and coziness of wood and other materials. Industrial Chic Bedrooms

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  • Industrial Chic Bathroom Design Ideas

    Industrial chic bathroom design is very much possible to create even if it’s not in the loft or other industrial style building. Industrial Chic Bathrooms

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  • Industrial Chic Living Room Design Ideas

    Industrial living room can be very stylish but it can also be quite cozy too. To create industrial style cozy living room is quite easy. Vintage Living Room Designs

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  • Industrial Chic Dining Room Design Ideas

    Industrial chic dining room can be full of contrasts but it should look harmonious and unified by one theme. Industrial Chic Dining Rooms

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  • Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

    Industrial kitchen features unfinished walls and open pipes but it can also be quite modern and stylish. Industrial Kitchen Ideas

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  • Industrial Style Interior Design on Budget

    Industrial style interior designs are common for lofts and any other living spaces that used to be used as, well, industrial premises. Today we tell about how achieve industrial style interior design on budget. Raw & Rough: Industrial Interior Design

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