• Home-Office in Tent

    The Swedish “forestry” entrepreneur has everything he needs to conduct his remote business: a laptop, a phone, and a battery, which is charged by two portable Brunton solar panels. See how the Swedish entrepreneur live in forest

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  • Ideas for Attracting Kids to Playground

    Are you worried that your child spends too much time playing Minecraft and watching TV? There is a way to drag him or her away from the computer. A playground outside the house is the solution you’re looking for.  How to design a playground?

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  • How to Design Music Studio on Budget

    Are you fond of music and live in a block flat? Do mad neighbors knock on your door hundred times a day complaining that their small child can’t sleep or they can’t hear TV because of all your music-making? Just try these tricks to turn your room into a music studio on a budget to continue your music sessions without any trouble. Tips on organizing a music studio

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  • Fantasy World in Broken Flower Pot

    Rule number one of The DIY Club says: Don’t throw away old broken things. Rule number two of The DIY Club says: Do not throw away old broken things. Do not throw away broken flower pots. There is splendid idea to transform them into something lovely and magical decorations. Broken flower pot landscape idea.

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  • Ideas on Using Room under Stairs

    Those who watched a movie about Harry Potter may remember that famous boy lived in a tiny room under a staircase. But there are far more reasonable means to use the free space under your staircase.
    What have you got under stairs.

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  • 10 Accessory Ideas for Office

    Your office is your Holy Altar of work success. And success starts with small details surrounding you at your working place. They are always near to serve their functions and bring inspiration for work. Here I suggest some things for your office to be details of your success. Some accessories for effective work.

  • Marble Tableware

    Sometimes  interior decoration doesn’t require any time or effort at all. Think bright and easy marble technic to decorate your glasses or china. Easy way to make your tableware look different.

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  • How to Make Your Kitchen Unique

    Some creative details will make a kitchen not only the most important place in the house but a place of your culinary inspiration. (more…)

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  • Tips on Decorating Garden for Party

    Throw a party in your garden or on the backyard on the weekend and we will tell easy ways on how to arrange it. Garden Party Ideas

  • Sand Floor Interiors

    Summer is gone. If you miss it like us, bring a peace of this joyful time into home by installing a sand floor.  Walking on it barefoot will bring amazing memories of vacation days back at any day. Sand Floor Interiors

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  • Glass Walk-In Closet Ideas

    A glass walk-in closet can be an amazing addition to a spacious modern bedroom. Walk-In Closet Ideas

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  • Eco-Friendly Washing Machine Design Concepts

    Going green is not difficult when it comes to using recyclable materials and growing gardens but efficient use of energy and water can be quite a task, especially with washing. Eco-Friendly Washing Machine Concepts

  • Outdoor Decor: DIY Trellis Ideas

    Lately we’ve been talking about vertical gardening and floral exterior decoration that sometimes may require growing climbing plants and vines. Since support is vital for vines we gathered some ideas on how to do them yourself. DIY Trellis Ideas

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  • Kid’s Room Layout Ideas

    Layout is essential to kid’s room as the room has to have all the necessary areas and zones for the kids. Kid’s Room Layout

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  • Living Room Layout Ideas

    To create a perfect living room layout first estimate how big or small is the room or living area. Living Room Layout

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  • Let It Rain: Creative Gutter Ideas

    It’s raining ouside, so we decided to look up some creative gutter drain design ideas for those who also have a rain season and would like to jazz up their home exterior. Funky Rain Drain Ideas

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  • Go Green & Recycle: DIY Planter Pots

    There are so many things we discard every month and even every day and while most of them end up in a landfill others may still lie down in our basements or up in our attics. DIY Planter Pot Ideas

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  • Perfect Arrangement: Bedroom Layout Ideas

    There are many creative solutions when it comes to bedroom layout. Perfect Bedroom Layout

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  • Tiny Bathroom Design Ideas

    To make the most of a tiny bathroom look into ways to maximize the space. Natural light can visually enhance the bathroom. Tiny Bathroom Designs

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