• Housing Renovation in Bordeaux with Winter Gardens

    French Bureau Lacaton & Vassal implements a project on renovation of three buildings for social housing in Bordeaux. Lern more about the housing renovation project

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  • 3D Printed Shell House

    Peter Ebner and his workshop students from the University of California in Los Angeles, University of British town of Huddersfield, Munich Technical University and the Center for Entrepreneurship and University of Applied Sciences have developed a project of the Small Transportable Living See an unusual tiny house project

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  • Old Industrial Complex in Bordeaux

    At first there was a winery. It was inherited by a known merchant in Bordeaux, Francois Perrier. By the middle of the XVIII century, his growing production moved from the wooden shack to a large stone building Find out more about interesting history of the buildings

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  • 3 Charming Kid’s Garden Playhouses

    In our childhood many of us dreamed of having our own room, where you can play and have fun without worrying that excessive noise would cause adults’ resentment. And a small house would be more desirable.  See three amazing examples of garden kid’s playhouse

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  • Houseboat on Seine

    Marie and Michael are happy owners of a barge on the Seine. They are sure that lucky star led them to the Seine. There is not a wide selection of barges on the market, so they have bought Freycinet built in 1930. See how to remodel a barge into a stunning houseboat

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  • London To Use Underground Heat for Homes

    Administration of London decided to use the residual heat that is produced by metro and electric stations to heat homes. Find out more about the new source of energy

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  • Goldee Home Lighting Control

    In the wake of the universal passion for “smart houses” the Goldee company has invented an intelligent home lighting control system called Goldee. See how the smart home lighting control works

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  • Home-Office in Tent

    The Swedish “forestry” entrepreneur has everything he needs to conduct his remote business: a laptop, a phone, and a battery, which is charged by two portable Brunton solar panels. See how the Swedish entrepreneur live in forest

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  • Eco-Friendly Shell House in Mexico

    Mexican architect Javier Senosiain, a staunch supporter of bio-architecture is studying nature in terms of engineering. See an amazing and extraordinary shell-looking house designed by Javier Senosiain

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    • Shell House: Architect - Javier Senosiain
  • House-Ghost in California Desert

    American artist Phillip K. Smith III developed Lucid Stead installation, adding mirrors on the walls of an abandoned cabin in the desert of California. See a mysterial installation in the desert of California

  • Eero Saarinen’s Family Country Estate

    Finns have a special relationship with the forest. As a true Finn, Eero Saarinen, a Finnish architect and furniture designer, nonconformist and revolutionary, from time to time needs to draw energy from nature. See the unique interior design in Eero Saarinen’s country house

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  • MetaDesign Founder’s House

    High ceilings, old windows, parquet flooring, a garden with huge old trees, lots of antiques along with the products of contemporary designers and artists, all of this makes up an upscale apartment of Uli Mayer-Johanssen, a co-founder of the notorious branding agency MetaDesign. See the designer’s home interior

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  • Rave of Сolors by Kelly Wearstler

    The owners of the mansion in Los Angeles used to live in a very traditional house, decorated with tapestry and antiques. Their new home is a building in Georgian style with the total area of 1200 m ² See bold interior decor by well-known Californian designer

  • Winter House in Alps

    It seems that the house on the hill stands on the site since the world’s creation. Even the locals get confused: one says that there was an old farm, the other claims that the rich Belgians bought a wreck and put it in order. See incredible example of rustic interior

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  • House with Vertical Garden by Aamer Architects

    Aamer Architects completed construction of Garden Villa, a modern private house in Singapore, hidden under a magnificent tropical vertical garden. See the incredible vertical garden of the Garden Villa

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  • John Lautner’s California Home Design

    There is no doubt that the richest people of the world live in Hollywood. And rich people prefer investing their capital into masterpieces, as such investment not only confirms the taste of the buyer, but also is increasing in price. One of Hollywood’s favorite architects is the famous modernist architect John Lautner. Learn more about the creator of Californian spirit in architecture

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  • Ghost Chairs by Drift Studio

    Just by an accident we discovered that Halloween is at its closest. Most of our interiorholics have already decorated their interiors with all Halloween attributes. And Drift Studio introduces Halloween theme into design. How to jail a ghost into a chair.

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  • “Must Have” Tools for Homekeeping. Part 2

    Our reader asked us to write a little bit more about the most necessary tools for successful home cleaning. This time I decided to make the list more specific for those who have pets living in the house. What things one needs to keep the house clean.

  • Superstitions about Home and Homekeeping

    My Grandma is one the most superstitious people in the world. She considers a knife left at a table a bad omen, and always reminds either to use a knife or to put it away from the table. Here are some more superstitions about homekeeping I’d like to share with you. What superstitions say about homekeeping

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