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  • 5 Ideas to Hide Workplace in Interior

    Today more people are working at home. But finding a place for the perfect home office is not easy, especially in a small apartment. Usually in this case the workplace fits into the interior of another room See how to arrange a hidden home office

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  • Retro Phones in Modern Interiors

    In our age of new technologies more and more people experience cravings for retro things, which allow us to see the beauty in details, feel the charm of the old, evaluate the full significance of individuality, which lived for ages. See how to make a charming interior design using a retro phone

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  • Ideas for Office Equipment Wires

    Have you ever been in a situation when you looked for the power cord to recharge your iPad, book reader, phone or laptop in a hurry before leaving the house? See which accessories you can use for wires

  • Home Office Storage Ideas

    Any work is much more successful if everything you need is at your fingertips. But if you have too much “necessary” stuff, the mess on your desk becomes inevitable. See how to organize your desktop wisely

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  • Home-Office in Tent

    The Swedish “forestry” entrepreneur has everything he needs to conduct his remote business: a laptop, a phone, and a battery, which is charged by two portable Brunton solar panels. See how the Swedish entrepreneur live in forest

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  • Computer Chair Designs

    Since the times, when bulky computing devices have become more or less compact personal computers, they have become versatile working tool for millions of users. Now every office has computers or laptops. See the features of the modern computer chairs

  • Elastic Living: Six Rooms in One

    This year Clei company that is known for its original models of transforming furniture celebrates its 50th anniversary. The anniversary was marked by creation of original designs – Elastic Living, a new system of organization of living space Check out how to fit six rooms in one

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  • Home Office for Freelancer

    One of the factors that create positive emotions for a freelancer is the right working atmosphere. Any freelancer should have his own home office. See how to make a home office to increase your productivity

  • Home Office by Andrew Berman

    An American couple, the owners of luxury cottages on Long Island in the U.S., has expanded their ownership. They have bought one more hectare adjacent to their land. See a tiny home-office designed by Andrew Berman

  • Useful Home Office Gadgets & Accessories

    Today all you may need in a home office is a laptop and an internet connection. You don’t even have to have a landline phone unless perhaps you operate your own company. Cool Office Gadgets

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  • Exbury Egg – Workspace On Water

    Exbury Egg takes the workspace to a whole new level. That is water. Designed by PAD Studio in collaboration with the SPUD Group and artist Stephen Turner this floating home office is shaped as an egg and built after boat building principles. Work Space On Water

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  • Off Kitchen By Daniele Bedini Turns Into Office

    Off-Kitchen is an innovative kitchen design by Daniele Bedini that can transform into a sleek work space. Modern Sleek Off-Kitchen Design

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  • Small Home – Villa Piedad

    Villa Piedad is a small home studio of a Spanish designer in San Sebastián, Spain. Villa Piedad Remodeling

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  • Shoffice Is Garden Office Shed

    Designed by Platform 5 Architects the Shoffice is an odd-shaped garden office shed that includes some furniture and storage space. Garden Office Shed

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  • Hidden Room Design Ideas

    Why have a hidden room in the house? There can be many purposes for a hidden room. Hidden Room Ideas

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  • Loft Spaces In Interior Design

    The lack of space makes architects and designers seek for various solutions so the loft spaces in the interior design aren’t pertinent only to loft apartments anymore. Loft Spaces In Home Architecture

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  • Impressive Home Office Design Ideas

    A gorgeous home office is a good incentive to motivate one self to work. Creating an attractive design can be costly but then there are finishes that can help make the home office look impressive. Impressive Home Office Designs

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  • 65 Stylish Home Office Nooks

    More and more people are working from home so it’s important for them to have a work station at home with plenty of light and privacy. Stylish Home Office Nook Ideas

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  • Creating Home Office On Budget

    Setting up one’s own home office can be expensive but it doesn’t mean it has to be. There are many budget-friendly design solutions that can help save money while setting up a home office. Budget Home Office Design Ideas

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