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  • Four Secrets of Studio Planning

    This apartment is the perfect embodiment of the modern dream of a beautiful, comfortable and original studio apartment. Let us see together, how to make your apartment look like such studio, using the four secrets outlined in this article. Learn more about studio planning

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  • Bright House on Curacao Island

    A bright red house of a Dutch architect Carlos Weber is burning like a traffic signal on the background of the sun-scorched land and withered vegetation. It is not impossible to pass by without noticing it. See the house interior

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  • Former Workshop of Raphael

    Via Giulia is one of the oldest streets in Rome. It was built five years ago, during the reign of Pope Julius II. The street is narrow, dark and long. The houses on the street are still inhabited by descendants of aristocratic families. See the apartment, where Raphael used to work

  • 3D Printed GEMO Vases

    Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy from Studio Integrate design studio seek for financial support from like-minded people to run the show of 3D printed vase Army in London. 3D vases are made of stainless steel, ceramics, resins and nylon Learn more about the unique vases

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  • How to Combine Classic and Modern Styles

    Today we fast forward to the coastal city of San Sebastian, which is located in the north of Spain. It is close to the French border. In this area, the interior style is influenced by different cultures. We will consider a beautiful modern apartment designed by Mikel Irastorza See the apartment design

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  • Female Mini Duplex Loft Interior

    The owner of this wonderful apartment is an advertising agent. This apartment is small in size, but has a major advantage over most other – two levels. She wanted to create an interior full of comfort on each of the floors. See the soft loft design

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  • Amazing Bright House of Brazilian Artist

    Talented Brazilian artist Isabelle Tuchband can boast with a truly impressive space for creativity. The secret is that her creative impulses are not waiting for the right time and place. She works everywhere, both at home and in the studio.  See the amazing house of the artist

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  • House with Stylish Basement in London

    Designers Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen have a longstanding relationship with a house near Holland Park in London. Fifteen years ago, they designed the interior for a couple with four children in classic style See how they renovated the house this time

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  • House in Rio de Janeiro

    Brazil is a large and diverse country: the jungle, where lots of wild monkeys are interspersed with bustling metropolises; ancient churches of the colonization times coexist with of the masterpieces of Oscar Niemeyer; carnival rhythms replaced by team fight songs of football fans. See a quite oasis in the Tijuca forest

  • Spanish Designer’s Home Design

    Sofía Calleja is a talented Spanish designer. She is engaged in the design of furniture and interior decoration. She loves bright colors and unusual combinations. See how she decorated her own home

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  • Private Villa in Wild Africa

    This is Leobo Private Reserve, a luxurious private villa located in Limpopo in South Africa, and surrounded by the beautiful landscape and the picturesque view for many miles around. This private villa is located on 12,000 acres of land, and accommodate up to 26 guests at a time. See amazing luxury villa in Africa

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  • Swedish Apartment Interior Design Inspired by India

    Interior exotic fascination born a few centuries ago, in the Age of Discovery, when old Europe began to get acquainted with home culture of overseas countries. See unusial Swedish apartment design with Indian elements of decor

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  • Furniture Marbling

    In the search for new solutions to old furniture decor you can always get inspired by different examples from designers. South Korean company Metafaux Design released a collection of swivel chairs made in the original technique of marbling, which can be used at home. See how to use the marbling technique

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  • MetaDesign Founder’s House

    High ceilings, old windows, parquet flooring, a garden with huge old trees, lots of antiques along with the products of contemporary designers and artists, all of this makes up an upscale apartment of Uli Mayer-Johanssen, a co-founder of the notorious branding agency MetaDesign. See the designer’s home interior

  • Disco Ball In Interior Decor

    Disco or mirror ball has been around for a century. It has brought glitz to discothèques, ballrooms and club dancefloors so there is no reason why it cannot be used in interior decor of your home. Mirror Ball Interior Decor

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  • Last-Minute Holiday Home Decor Gift Ideas

    Want to give a home decor enthusiast a holiday gift? There are many ways to do that even if you don’t have enough time to shop for items. Holiday Home Gift Ideas

  • 5 Restaurant Design Ideas To Use In Home Decor

    Restaurants are a great source of design inspiration. Many modern restaurants have bold design ideas you could try to incorporate into your home interior. Restaurant Design Ideas For Home Decor

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  • Washing Machine In Interior Design

    Fitting a washing machine into interior design can be a headache. It may not always fit the interior and there can no spare room for a laundry room. How To Fit Washing Machine Into Home Decor

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  • Budget Makeover Ideas For Home

    Every interior might need a makeover once in a while. If you follow trends or update your decor according to season you might wonder about some budget-friendly ideas on how to update your home. Budget Makeover Ideas

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