• Random8 Chair

    In childhood, many of us have enjoyed playing in the sun with shards of glass – colored shadows excited our imagination. Random8 Chair created by employees of the French design studio Pitaya Design returns you to this simple entertainment. See the amazing chair with colorful shadows

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  • Stained Glass for Luxurious Interior

    What is the most luxury thing about all temples and residences belonging to the age of Renaissance? Here is a hint – this is probably the only one detail still widely used in the modern design. And the answer is – stained glass. How stained glass looks like in modern interiors.

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  • The Oslo Opera House

    Operahuset is a Norwegian name of the Opera and Ballet Theatre. Norwegian Opera and Ballet Theatre

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  • Apartment in East Hampton, New York

    Apartment in East Hampton by Narofsky Architecture and Ways2Design is a modern hut, no more, no less. East Hampton Apartment

  • Transparent Bathtubs

    Glass bathtubs become more and more popular in interior design. transparent bathtubes

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  • Interesting Old Church Restoration

    Ferran Vizoso has finished a restoration of an old church in Corbera d’Ebre, Spain. The abandoned building that still stands tall was missing a roof. Old Church Restoration

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  • Solarium – Greenhouse Made Of Sugar

    Solarium is a surprising creation of William Lamson. Commissioned by Storm King for the Light and Landscape show 2012, the greenhouse is made out of sugar panels, which give it such a colorful look. Greenhouse Made Of Sugar

  • Glass Biospheres For Amazon Headquarters

    Amazon headquaters that are to be built in Seattle had a change in the project proposal by NBBJ. The firm offers to add three glass biospheres to the campus to include work space as well as mature trees. Amazing Amazon Headquarters Design

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  • Echo Coffee Table By Debra Folz

    Echo Coffee table is a beautiful creation of designer Debra Folz. Being a part of her 2013 collection this amazing piece of furniture is both functional and very glamorous. Echo Coffee Table

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  • Glass Walk-In Closet Ideas

    A glass walk-in closet can be an amazing addition to a spacious modern bedroom. Walk-In Closet Ideas

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  • Outdoor Feature: Glass Fire Pit

    Fire pits are great not only in winters but also summers when the poolside parties just aren’t the same without a bonfire. Glass Fire Pit

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  • Expansive Toronto Residence with Amazing Garden

    Contemporary architecture as you know is very urbanized, even if it is located outside the city area, however formally still being within the mega polis limits and most often the greenery is very lacking in this kind of residences. Toronto Residence

  • Glencoe Residence: Clever Outdoors

    Robbins Architecture company has created the clever outdoors house, which has no means for using specific rooms. Architecture Projects in Illinois

  • Rieteiland House Made Of Glass

    The houses made of glass are a modern trend and Rieteiland House by Hans van Heeswijk Architects is one of those impressive projects that boldly use glass extensively in the design. House Made Of Glass

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  • Transparent Panels In Flooring

    Lately we’ve been seeing many interiors featuring glass floor panels, remember Beckwith Architects’ pool house or Optical Glass House? In the first one the transparent floor shows off the wine cellar while in the second the inner garden can be seen from the ground floor entry thanks to a sizable transparent floor panel. Transparent Floors

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  • House With Optical Glass Facade

    Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP designed the an amazing house with optical glass facade and an indoor courtyard. Optical Glass House

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  • Second Church Conversion: From Library To Restaurant

    This 1908 church was first converted into library in 1970′s. Now however it functions as a nice restaurant transformed by an interior designer Hecker Guthrie. Church Converted From Library To Restaurant

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  • Space Dividing Tricks: Indoor Glass Walls

    Thanks to its transparence qualities glass is a great material for making interior space dividers in small homes. Indoor Glass Walls

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  • Unexpected Decor Element: Glass Fireplace

    A glass fireplace is becoming more popular. The unexpected decor element allows watching the fire from all angles and anywhere in the room. Fireplace of Glass

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