• Hanging Gardens In Your Home

    If the mystery of Hanging Gardens have always intrigued you there are a few things you can do to recreate them within the walls of your own home. Hanging Gardens In the Interior

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  • “Garden of the 21st Century” in Warsaw by Mecanoo

    Architects presented a garden with an underground pavilion and a wide spiral staircase. The location was chosen in the historic part of Warsaw – Lazienki Park. See the concept of the new Lazienki park in Warsaw

  • House with Vertical Garden by Aamer Architects

    Aamer Architects completed construction of Garden Villa, a modern private house in Singapore, hidden under a magnificent tropical vertical garden. See the incredible vertical garden of the Garden Villa

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  • How to Grow an Indoor Garden

    An outdoor garden is subjected to laws of nature more than to human powers. But an indoor garden is purely in our hands and depends on our desires, whether we choose tropical plants or Japanese sakura. See the basic rules how to grow an awesome indoor garden

  • Awesome Maple Garden in New Zealand

    A garden of stunning beauty is located in the south of New Zealand. It is famous among local people and those who have ever visited it tell stories about its beauty. Indeed, this is a piece of art among all gardens in the world. Have a look at loveliest Maple Garden.

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  • Some Ideas to Decorate Garden for Winter

    We continue discussing redecoration of your outdoors for winter. Let’s move from porch to the garden and explore some ideas on decorating your garden for winter season. How to decorate a garden for winter season

  • Tips on Decorating Garden for Party

    Throw a party in your garden or on the backyard on the weekend and we will tell easy ways on how to arrange it. Garden Party Ideas

  • Creative Garden Seating Ideas

    Garden is an ultimate personal getaway and while it might take a lot of work and effort to maintain you can always take a moment to sit back and enjoy all the work done on your lucious greenery. Garden Seating Ideas

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  • 5 Fruit To Grow In Containers

    There are many different kinds of fruit out there and while many of them can be grown in the garden not all of us have land for that. Fruit To Grow At Home

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  • Summer Garden Decor: Outdoor Swing

    Outdoor swings are perfect for summer. They are fun and dreamy and can add a decor element to your yard or garden. Outdoor Swings

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  • Solarium – Greenhouse Made Of Sugar

    Solarium is a surprising creation of William Lamson. Commissioned by Storm King for the Light and Landscape show 2012, the greenhouse is made out of sugar panels, which give it such a colorful look. Greenhouse Made Of Sugar

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  • New Look: Penn Station And Madison Square Garden

    Municipal Art Society of New York has given the four top firms a task of re-imagining the Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. Penn Station And Madison Square Garden

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  • Greener Gardening Practices

    When going green don’t forget about keeping your gardening practices eco-friendly too. Tips for Greener Gardening

  • More Garden Design Ideas

    A simple garden is already good enough, especially in an urban environment but you can do so much more with your green outdoor space. Garden Design Ideas

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  • Sprucing Up Exterior With Flowers

    Climbing plants and vines are great for sprucing up the facade of your home, but flowers add not only greenery but also color to the exterior. Decorating Exterior With Climbing Flowers

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  • Summer Decor: Outdoor Lounge Ideas

    Summer is in a month so it’s time to think about an outdoor lounge area that will provide comfort and a way to cool off. Outdoor Lounge Ideas

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  • Symmetry & Order: Knot Garden

    Knot garden is a formal garden style that commonly features a square shape and boxwood hedges planted in a certain pattern. Knot Garden Design

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  • Expansive Toronto Residence with Amazing Garden

    Contemporary architecture as you know is very urbanized, even if it is located outside the city area, however formally still being within the mega polis limits and most often the greenery is very lacking in this kind of residences. Toronto Residence

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  • Rooftop Terrace/Deck Design Ideas

    A rooftop terrace/deck is an ultimate outdoor space since it does not only provide beautiful views but can also serve as an urban garden. Rooftop Deck Ideas

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