• Ocean In Kitchen: Aquariums In Interior

    Now big cool big aquariums aren’t only limited to corporate offices. A Dutch designer Robert Kolenik has created a kitchen counter called Ocean Kitchen with a built-in fish tank that can be made to measure but definitely will draw all attention to iteself. ‘Ocean Kitchen’ fishtank kitchen counter

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  • Easy Cooking With ChopChop Kitchen

    Less messy, more fun. Industrial designer Dirk Biotto has created a new ultimate multifunctional product – ChopChop Kitchen. ChopChop: A Multifunctional Kitchen Unit

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  • The Globe Storage Cabinet By Studio Job

    New storage cabinet “The Globe” was created by Studio Job for Gufram of Italy. This outstanding whimsical piece is for those who like travelling a lot bringing souvenirs back home. The Globe Storage Cabinet By Studio Job

  • Rocking Chairs for Adults

    Each adult is still a child deep in his heart, who loves to play, have fun, feel childish joy and delight. Probably one of the most favorite activities for children is swinging on the swings. And even when children grow up and become adults, they still love to swing. See three amazing rocking chairs for adults

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  • Mobalpa Kitchens of Alpine Wood

    One of the world’s most famous French manufacturers of kitchens, Mobalpa has grown from a tiny furniture shop in a small French town of Thônes, located in the beautiful region of Rhône-Alpes. In 1907, Eugene Fournier opened a small family-owned company that has been producing furniture of Alpine wood. More of Mobalpa Kitchens

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  • Original Furniture with Tricks

    Designers surprise us with unusual, creative works. Special attention of sophisticated connoisseurs of modern design is drawn to the furniture industry. Here, the designers do not see any boundaries. See three creative furniture designs

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  • Creative Furniture of Biodegradable Material

    Yasuhiro Suzuki is a Japanese designer who created a collection of eco-friendly furniture. It looks like a work of nature, but in fact it came up and made by a man. See the innovative furniture from Japan

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  • 9 Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

    Kitchen renovation is a very costly exercise, especially if you have to change everything from finishing to the cabinets and appliances renovation. If during the repair you assume that you do not have funds for new kitchen cabinets, there is a great compromise How to update old kitchen cabinets

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  • 3 Luxurious Bathrooms in Boudoir Style

    Many ladies would not refuse to become a mistress of their own boudoir – the territory of true femininity, embodying all their secrets and intimate process of creating beauty. 3 Luxurious Bathrooms

  • Suprematist Furniture by Kelly Behun

    American Kelly Behun, a prominent New York interior designer, is working on a large collection of furniture Neo Laminati Collection for several years. The collection consists of striped items of most simple geometric shapes and open colors. See the unusual furniture collection

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  • Maisons du Monde Summer Trends 2014

    French brand Maisons du Monde known in Europe, released summer collection of furniture for original interior designs. They are distinguished by bright colors and the idea of ​​mixing them in the most daring combinations.  See two furniture collection from Maisons du Monde

  • Furniture Inspired by Cornices and Moldings

    Young British designer Lee Broom looks like a classic London dandy (as one would say a hundred years ago), or metrosexual (as they call this type of man in megacities now), but he is still young, he is growing and looking for his place in the world. See his successful furniture collection

  • Vintage Furniture of Old Doors

    Sturdy wooden door can become the basis for new interior. What door panels are suitable for furniture making? Primarily, it is exposed doors without serious defects. You can use blind and glazed doors. See which furniture can be made of old doors

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  • How to Use Leftover Wallpaper

    When the remodeling is over, we often still have some unused materials. If you have remnants of wallpaper, do not rush to throw them away. There are plenty of ways to use them as decoration for your home. See 5 tips to use wallpaper remnants

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  • 5 Iconic Furniture Items of 20’s

    Modernism has redefined our conception about interior and made its excessive contribution to the development of interior design. Modern interior has long been considered a new classic. Items in this style were ahead of their time See five furniture designs in modernism style

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  • Modular Furniture for Different Purposes

    Times of the standard furniture sets has ended. Now functional modular furniture for the living room, nursery, bedroom and other rooms is getting more and more popular. See examples of modular furniture, which can change its functions

  • 5 Most Unexpected Items at Salone del Mobile-2014

    Even if the house is fully furnished, you will likely to find a place for a couple of things that can dilute its excessive seriousness and show what is really going on in the mind of the owner See the most seriousless items from the exhibition

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  • iSaloni 2014 in Milan

    The main furniture exhibition iSaloni opened on April 8 in Milan at the Rho exhibition center. Every spring, Milan is transformed and the whole city lives in the rhythm of modern design – the exhibition goes far beyond the space allocated to it See new furniture items from the famous exhibition

  • Brutal Masculan Interior Design

    The interior of the dwelling emphasizes the character of the homeowner. If the apartment is fully owned by a man, this interior will be difficult to be confused with the female. Here you won’t find flowers and crawfish, sweet candy colors and flowery patterns. See what designers offer for masculan interiors

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