• iSaloni 2014 in Milan

    The main furniture exhibition iSaloni opened on April 8 in Milan at the Rho exhibition center. Every spring, Milan is transformed and the whole city lives in the rhythm of modern design – the exhibition goes far beyond the space allocated to it See new furniture items from the famous exhibition

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  • Brutal Masculan Interior Design

    The interior of the dwelling emphasizes the character of the homeowner. If the apartment is fully owned by a man, this interior will be difficult to be confused with the female. Here you won’t find flowers and crawfish, sweet candy colors and flowery patterns. See what designers offer for masculan interiors

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  • “Windows” in Diesel Home Collection

    Kimihiko Okada, an honored architect and interior designer, has come up with a new concept of the interior for a large store Diesel Home Collection, located in the popular shopping and entertainment center Shibuya in Tokyo. See the collection designed by famous designer Kimihiko Okada

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  • “Layered” Furniture Collection

    While studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Dirk Vander Coy made up his own 3D-printer, an industrial robot, which recycles plastic according to drawings and prints furniture and home furnishings. See creative furniture and home accesories by Dirk Vander Coy

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  • Furniture for Eco-Friendly House

    In the last article we talked about the interior finishing materials for eco-friendly houses. Unlike conventional apartments, green buildings require special furnishing. See how to choose furniture for eco-friendly house

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  • Maison & Objet 2014 Highlights

    By tradition, the end of January in Paris turned into a Mecca for designers, decorators, architects, interior shops owners, connoisseurs and fans of design. Major furniture brands presented their new products and items at the Maison & Objet 2014. See most vivid items, showed at the exhibition

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  • Cat Furniture by Stefan Hofmann

    Many pet owners say that the real boss in their house is none other than their beloved pet. This is true about cats in particular. See amazing pet’s furniture by German designer

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  • Metal Furniture in Interior Design

    We mostly use wood furniture for interior decoration. It is a versatile option that can make any room feel cozier. However, considering the projects by contemporary designers, you will notice that they often create their designs adding metallic elements See metal furniture in modern interiors

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  • Biomorphic Design by Ross Lovegrove

    Among all British industrial designers, Ross Lovegrove is the most demanded, in spite of such considerable age. He says that at his fifty-two years he could do without working. But, as he says, his time has come just now. See examples of biomorphic furniture design by Ross Lovegrove

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  • Imm Cologne 2014 Trends

    International Furniture Fair Imm Cologne 2014 has once again become a place of presentation of the furniture market novelties. Creativity, naturalness and individuality are the main criteria for interior decoration. See some show-pieces from the Imm Cologne 2014

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  • Furniture for Growing Child

    Children grow up very quickly, so parents need to change baby furniture very often. That is why the convertible furniture is a great solution for kid’s rooms, both for boys and girls. See smart transforming furniture for kids

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  • Furniture Marbling

    In the search for new solutions to old furniture decor you can always get inspired by different examples from designers. South Korean company Metafaux Design released a collection of swivel chairs made in the original technique of marbling, which can be used at home. See how to use the marbling technique

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  • Computer Chair Designs

    Since the times, when bulky computing devices have become more or less compact personal computers, they have become versatile working tool for millions of users. Now every office has computers or laptops. See the features of the modern computer chairs

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  • Trends in Cabinet Furniture Industry

    Basic concepts that define modern cabinet furniture are variability and individuality. Manufacturers offer their customers all kinds of modular systems and mobile designs. Read on to find out the main trends in cabinet furniture industry

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  • Recycled Aircraft Parts Furniture by MotorArt

    A California-based company, Motoart has developed a series of conceptual furniture made of fragments of decommissioned aircrafts. See fantastic luxury looking furniture made of aircraft parts

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  • Interior in Bentley Style

    Car brands are gradually taking over the world of design. A legendary automobile company Bentley signed a partnership with a manufacturer of luxury furniture Club House Italia and the architect Carlo Columbo to create its own collection – Bentley Home Collection. See photos of luxury furniture collection by Bentley

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  • Malabar Lace Mirror

    Portuguese company Malabar released an interior series Carved Crochet, which became a part of the vast collection of Heritage Collection. At this time, the basic look has become old, very beautiful and delicate carved crochet technique. See photos of glorious lace mirrors

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  • Luxury Armchair by Zac Glamour Design

    Good news for fans of retro cars and unconventional furniture: designers Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri transformed the front part of the legendary Volkswagen Beetle MY1968 into a luxurious armchair. See photos of the Glamour Beetle Armchair

  • Old Furniture Decoupage

    Getting bored with your home? No funds to change the interior? Turn on your imagination and creativity and give a second birth to your old furniture. Having at hand some paints, glue, lacquer and beautiful illustrations, you can update any furniture, turning it into a unique piece of art. See how to decoupage your furniture

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