• Top 7 Designer Heaters By Jaga

    Add a touch of glamour to your home interior design. These beautiful designer heaters from Jaga will not only keep you warm during cold winter, but will also become a luxury accessorie for your interior decor. 7 Unique Designer Heaters

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  • Easy Cooking With ChopChop Kitchen

    Less messy, more fun. Industrial designer Dirk Biotto has created a new ultimate multifunctional product – ChopChop Kitchen. ChopChop: A Multifunctional Kitchen Unit

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  • Electricity-Free Clay Refrigerator

    According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, while a large number of people in the world are starving, 1.4 millard tons of food per year is thrown into landfills. See how MittiCool fridge solves the problem of products’ storage

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  • Office Between Trees in Shanghai

    We talked about the architectural masterpieces that blend effortlessly into nature. Today we want to talk about another successful project. This is a project of Chinese architects. See the business center with trees

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  • Economy Class Cottage of Sea Containers

    And again, we want to revisit the idea of marine steel containers for building houses. This time let’s talk about the economy class cottage – a dwelling for single pensioners – Old Lady House See the stunning house made of sea containers

  • Underwater World in Fancy Hotel in Bali

    Bali Island is one of the heavenly places on our planet. It is a cherished dream of many travelers to have a rest there, because, in addition to natural beauty and diverse attractions, vacationers are impressed by luxury hotels. See the amazing hotel with glass floor over the pond

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  • Quiet Treehouse for Orphanage

    No wonder that in the context of social unrest, observed in different countries, many people want to move to permanent residence in a remote forest. Fortunately, many of them are those who are going to minimize the harm caused by their stay in nature. See an amazing eco-friendly tree-house

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  • Energy-Efficient House in Helsinki

    Dreaming of a cozy home for a big family, Finnish actress Vilma Melasniemi and actor Juho Milonoff appealed to the architects of the Bureau Tuomas Siitonen. The house perfectly fits in the neighborhood and came to love of all its inhabitants. See the sustainable house in Helsinki

  • Cool with Wool Felt Stools

    Scandinavian design is usually distinguished by simple lines, nice looking shape, environmentally friendly materials. All this is typical for bright, tactile feature wooden stools from the collection, which is developed in Norway and called Cool with Wool. See gentle collection of stools by Aud Julie Befring

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  • Small Eco-Friendly Wooden House

    You want to build your own house, but you are not willing to spend much money? Are you attracted to the idea of environmentally friendly housing? Are you free, not burdened by family and are ready for change? See an inspiring example of a tiny wooden house

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  • Home Appliances for Eco-Friendly Houses

    One of the hallmarks of home appliances for Green buildings, is the presence of “energy-saving products” marking. Energy-saving techniques should combine the following factors: energy saving, eco-friendly production, exploitation and recycling. See eco-friendly household appliances

  • Furniture for Eco-Friendly House

    In the last article we talked about the interior finishing materials for eco-friendly houses. Unlike conventional apartments, green buildings require special furnishing. See how to choose furniture for eco-friendly house

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  • Finishing Materials for Eco-Friendly Houses

    Green house is an environmentally friendly space for human habitation. It is built, using natural, environmentally friendly materials, as well as green technology, which does not cause harm to the environment.  See what kinds of finishing materials are used in eco-friendly houses

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  • 3 Charming Kid’s Garden Playhouses

    In our childhood many of us dreamed of having our own room, where you can play and have fun without worrying that excessive noise would cause adults’ resentment. And a small house would be more desirable.  See three amazing examples of garden kid’s playhouse

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  • Houseboat on Seine

    Marie and Michael are happy owners of a barge on the Seine. They are sure that lucky star led them to the Seine. There is not a wide selection of barges on the market, so they have bought Freycinet built in 1930. See how to remodel a barge into a stunning houseboat

  • How to Create Healthy Home Interior

    It is well known that we can feel good in one house, whereas in the other one we often have headaches and feel sick. Today, thanks to the combined efforts of physicians, psychologists, ecologists, and designers, this inexplicable phenomenon is unraveled. See how to make your home healthy

  • Pipe-Shaped Office in Spain

    Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano have designed and built an office for their Selgascano company. The office is located in a forest on the outskirts of Madrid an it is a tunnel, half of which is made of acrylic glass. See the tube-shaped office in the Spanish woods

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  • Home-Office in Tent

    The Swedish “forestry” entrepreneur has everything he needs to conduct his remote business: a laptop, a phone, and a battery, which is charged by two portable Brunton solar panels. See how the Swedish entrepreneur live in forest

  • Futuristic Design of Nanjing City in China

    Can the city of skyscrapers grow among the greenery, ponds and park paths? Ma Yansong from Chinese MAD studio has presented a master plan of the city of Nanjing in China in a style of the Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism Architecture in Shenzhen. See futuristic design of the Nanjing city

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