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  • 3 Modern Kitchen Trends for 2014

    Tendency to “lightness” makes kitchen furniture designers to seek new and innovative solutions that would allow the kitchen furniture look light and airy, and make kitchens look open and spacious. There are three trends of modern kitchens of 2013, which remain timely this year: hidden kitchen, “levitating” kitchen and “living” kitchen.

    3 Major Trends in Kitchen Design for 2014

    Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

    Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

    Hidden kitchen

    The main trend in the design of kitchen furniture is a desire to hide not only technology, but also shelves and storage boxes behind smooth facades. Moreover, in several models kitchen turns into a smooth wall with one touch of a button. The combination of colors and textures gives the facade a special attraction. Among the technical innovations we can note induction hobs, integrated directly into the countertop.

    “Levitating” kitchen

    Lightweight wall hanging modules of custom shapes and sizes are in trend. Due to clear contours in kitchen designs, the elements of the kitchen look like they are hovering in the air. Effect of soaring is supported by LED, which in recent years has become a fashionable element in kitchen design.

    “Living” kitchen

    Today, a clear preference is given to an open-plan kitchen furniture. It became quite popular to integrate kitchen into living areas, i.e. combination of life and cooking. Kitchen furniture is getting closer to the architectural creation and loses utility functions. That is why open surfaces are prevalent in the design of modern kitchens.

    Kitchen furniture is becoming more like a furniture for living. That allows it to fully integrate into the living space. The central place is occupied by an island made ​​of natural stone. It is a place for cooking, dinners, joint pastime with family and guests.


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  • Tea Room Decoration in England

    Pretty cool climate of this country dictates the need for a fireplace, a cozy oversized chair, a blanket and tea table in the house. It is so pleasant to drink hot tea in the cold evenings. See how to decorate a tea room in English style

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  • Interior in Bentley Style

    Car brands are gradually taking over the world of design. A legendary automobile company Bentley signed a partnership with a manufacturer of luxury furniture Club House Italia and the architect Carlo Columbo to create its own collection – Bentley Home Collection. See photos of luxury furniture collection by Bentley

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  • Dining Room by Geometrix Design

    Moscow-based studio Geometrix Design created this interior for the “Kvartirnyy Vopros” TV show in Russia. The main task was to create a dining room where the owners could meet guests and also could double as a kitchen. Combined Kitchen and Dining Room for Clubbers

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  • Open Dining Room Designs

    In many modern houses with open layout a dining room is located in front of an outdoor entry which provides it with both natural light and views. Light-Filled Dining Rooms

  • Creating Focal Point In Dining Room

    Every room needs a focal point. In dining room there are plenty of ways to create a focal point. Focal Point In Dining Room

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  • 25 Dream Dining Room Designs

    To create a dream dining room create a floor plan and choose the color scheme for walls, ceiling, and furniture. Creating A Dream Dining Room Design

  • Dramatic Dining Room Design Ideas

    A dramatic dining room design is not difficult to achieve. Color alone can provide for drama and character in the room. Creating Dramatic Dining Room Design

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  • 10 Creative Dining Table Designs

    Creative dining table is not only an eye catchy focal point of the room but also a functional and aesthetical object. Creative Dining Tables

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  • 20 Dining Room Designs Featuring Mismatched Chairs

    Looking for a way of jazzing up a dining room? Mismatched furniture is a sure way to add detail to the look. Mismatched Chairs In Dining Rooms

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  • Ideas For Decorating Coastal Dining Room

    Coastal dining is warm and welcoming. Airy color schemes with bright eye-catchy accents create a dreamy beach themed look that Ideas for Designing Coastal Dining Room

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  • Elegant Dining Room Designs With A Twist

    How to create dining room that would be elegant but not boring? Adding an unexpected design element will make a whole new turn in dining room design. Elegant Dining Room Designs

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  • Retro Dining Room Design Ideas

    Stylish retro dining room design can be created in various ways. It can be a recreated authentic retro look or an updated modern retro design. Retro Dining Rooms

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  • Shabby Chic Dining Room Design Ideas

    Shabby chic dining room can be elegant and romantic as well as create a cozy inviting atmosphere. Shabby Chic Dining Rooms

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  • Creative Dining Room Design Solutions

    Dining room design can be enhanced with various design solutions from unsual dining table to beautiful pendant lights. Creative Dining Room Designs

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  • Cozy Dining Room Design Ideas

    Cozy dining room is a great gathering spot for family and friends. How To Create Cozy Dining Room Design

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  • Dining Room Decor: Eye Catchy Chairs

    Dining room chairs is an important element of the room. They can not only function but also add to the dining room decor. Eye Catchy Dining Chairs

  • Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

    Modern dining room design can be both formal and casual. The clean lines give the modern dining room polished look. Modern Dining Room Designs

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  • Dining Room Designs In Pastels

    Stylish dining room designs come in various colors and hues. Pastels can give the dining room a subtle and elegant look. Cool Dining Room Design Ideas

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