• 4 Best European Hotels of 2013

    The European Hotel Design Awards in London traditionally announces winners at the end of each year. It honors the best European hotels of the year. The jury evaluates the architectural appearance of the hotels as well as the design of individual facilities: cafes, restaurants, SPAs and even bathrooms. See th best European hotels of 2013

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  • 3 Modern Kitchen Trends for 2014

    Tendency to “lightness” makes kitchen furniture designers to seek new and innovative solutions that would allow the kitchen furniture look light and airy, and make kitchens look open and spacious. There are three trends of modern kitchens of 2013, which remain timely this year: hidden kitchen, “levitating” kitchen and “living” kitchen.

    3 Major Trends in Kitchen Design for 2014

    Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

    Xtend+ by LEICHT Küchen AG

    Hidden kitchen

    The main trend in the design of kitchen furniture is a desire to hide not only technology, but also shelves and storage boxes behind smooth facades. Moreover, in several models kitchen turns into a smooth wall with one touch of a button. The combination of colors and textures gives the facade a special attraction. Among the technical innovations we can note induction hobs, integrated directly into the countertop.

    “Levitating” kitchen

    Lightweight wall hanging modules of custom shapes and sizes are in trend. Due to clear contours in kitchen designs, the elements of the kitchen look like they are hovering in the air. Effect of soaring is supported by LED, which in recent years has become a fashionable element in kitchen design.

    “Living” kitchen

    Today, a clear preference is given to an open-plan kitchen furniture. It became quite popular to integrate kitchen into living areas, i.e. combination of life and cooking. Kitchen furniture is getting closer to the architectural creation and loses utility functions. That is why open surfaces are prevalent in the design of modern kitchens.

    Kitchen furniture is becoming more like a furniture for living. That allows it to fully integrate into the living space. The central place is occupied by an island made ​​of natural stone. It is a place for cooking, dinners, joint pastime with family and guests.


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  • 6 Unusual Carpet Designs

    Carpet is more than just a soft floor covering. It gives a chance to make a bright and original emphasis in the interior space and turn it into a coherent whole. See 6 extraordinary carpet designs

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  • Interior Items by Nicky Haslam

    Famed English decorator Nicky Haslam hasdesigned a collection of interior furnishings for Oka based on his own home. See photos of Haslam’s collection

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  • Mathieu Lehanneur’s Business Playground for Pullman

    French designer Mathieu Leanneur has created a playground for serious businessmen for Pullman hotel chain. See innovative ideas emboded by the outstanding designer Mathieu Lehanneur

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  • Germany’s Cult Modern Design School Takes Lodgers

    Bauhaus campus in German Dessau takes lodgers now. To stay in one of the rooms where the students and teachers of the legendary institution lived and worked, you will pay from 35 to 60 Euros per night Read more about the offer for tourists in the German design school

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  • World’s TOP 20 Aquatic Plants Layout Designs

    A home aquarium can create a unique harmony of inner world and bring peace and tranquility into the house. Aquarium in the room interior always attracts attention. See 20 best aquatic designs in the world

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  • BMW Creates Unique Design for Airplane Luxury Cabins

    Car companies seem to pursue their clients in all areas of their lives. Recently, Fiat has released a line of refrigerators; Bentley has created a collection of furniture; and Smart has produced a set of accessories for home. See design of airplane interior by BMW

  • Stained Glass for Luxurious Interior

    What is the most luxury thing about all temples and residences belonging to the age of Renaissance? Here is a hint – this is probably the only one detail still widely used in the modern design. And the answer is – stained glass. How stained glass looks like in modern interiors.

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  • Small Apartment Design in “Disco” Style

    A young girl wished her apartment to be designed in disco-style. The 60′s and 70′s of the last century are known as a period of famous music bands that gathered thousands of young people to enjoy music and dancing. This period has been taken as a basis for the interior of her small apartment. What does apartment need to look like a club?

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  • Lamps Inspired by Cocktail Glasses

    We have got some latest interesting news from the Design Week 2013 in Eindhofen, Netherlands. Only the brightest ideas and creations are exhibited there and some of them might be pretty useful for our interiorholics. Lighting ideas pesented in Holland

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  • How to Organize Storage for Wine

    There are many people who are fond of making or collecting good wine. What if you accidently realized that your collection grew too large? One way is to call all your friends and neighbors to estimate your tastes in wine. Another one is a decent storage for your wine collection.
    What one should know to build a wine cellar

  • Scrapwood Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

    The most important thing about any interior is its background. That’s why designers and architects pay so much attention to developing new colors and textures for floors and wall coverings. Here is an innovation from a Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. Designers bring timber into wallpaper

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  • RGB Lighting in Interior Design

    Good news from the world of innovations! A brand new technology is becoming more popular all over the world. RGB bulbs have much more advantages than the usual electric bulbs, fluorescent bulbs or halogen lamps. Why to install RGB lightning in your house.

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  • How to Design Yoga Room at Home

    Modern life always goes in circle – tough and limited by responsibility, schedules, endless movement and various problems at work and at home. Where to find the inner peace? The answer is simple – design your own room for yoga at home. How to create interior for yoga room.

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  • Kirimaya House in Thailand by Architectkid

    A bizarre residence located 150 km from Bangkok definitely should belong to pieces of unusual architecture. Its creator broke the rules of familiar architectural practice by building a house of two blocks of a completely different structure and dimension. Architecture for enjoying the landscape.

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  • How to Paint Brick Wall…or Leave It Plain

    A piece of plain brick wall looks at you urgently every single day and whispers into you ear: Paint me. You struggle for some time, but at last you can’t endure the pitiful look of a plain brick wall. Finally you approach the wall and look at it critically: What am I going to paint you? Do something about plain brick wall.

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  • “Alice in Wonderland” Restaurant in Japan

    “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is one of the most popular titles in literature and cinematography. “Diamond Dining” company established four restaurants in different parts of the world based on this story. The most outstanding one is located in Tokyo, Japan. Fairy tale design of a reastaurant.

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  • Loïc Picquet Architecte: Extension C

    An old small house in the town of St. Louise, Alsace, Eastern France has been given new life by architects from Loïc Picquet Architecte. As usual, their creativity together with professionalism lead to amazing solutions for quite common problem – lack of space. Small country house extention.

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