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  • Old Industrial Complex in Bordeaux

    At first there was a winery. It was inherited by a known merchant in Bordeaux, Francois Perrier. By the middle of the XVIII century, his growing production moved from the wooden shack to a large stone building Find out more about interesting history of the buildings

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  • 3 Charming Kid’s Garden Playhouses

    In our childhood many of us dreamed of having our own room, where you can play and have fun without worrying that excessive noise would cause adults’ resentment. And a small house would be more desirable.  See three amazing examples of garden kid’s playhouse

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  • Stained Glass Ceiling in Hotel Room

    Hotel room in 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville (USA) has become the site for the artistic sculptural installation of the design duo from New York, Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe. See amazing installation by New York designers

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  • Futuristic Home Interior Design

    Futuristic design is rarely used in homes. Basically, it can be found in public places: cafes, shops, showrooms. For most people, it is an object of art and does not imply a long stay on its territory. See examples of home interior in futuristic style

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  • Mathieu Lehanneur’s Business Playground for Pullman

    French designer Mathieu Leanneur has created a playground for serious businessmen for Pullman hotel chain. See innovative ideas emboded by the outstanding designer Mathieu Lehanneur

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  • Innovations in Design: 3D Floors

    What associations do you have after you heard the word “floor”? Well, it is supposed to be more or less smooth, have a flat surface. It can be stylish, shiny, or softened with a carpet. Perhaps, 3D floors can change your mind about this. How to make a 3D floor?

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  • Ideas for Attracting Kids to Playground

    Are you worried that your child spends too much time playing Minecraft and watching TV? There is a way to drag him or her away from the computer. A playground outside the house is the solution you’re looking for.  How to design a playground?

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  • How to Organize Storage for Wine

    There are many people who are fond of making or collecting good wine. What if you accidently realized that your collection grew too large? One way is to call all your friends and neighbors to estimate your tastes in wine. Another one is a decent storage for your wine collection.
    What one should know to build a wine cellar

  • How to Design Winter Porch

    Front porch probably is the most unwelcoming place in winter. It is empty and frozen. It hardly reminds warm and inviting place you enjoyed a couple months ago. Though, true interiorholic doesn’t see any reasons why it should stay so. Discover some ideas on redesigning the porch for winter.

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  • Japanese Motives in Interior

    Today I visited my friend who just finished redecorating her apartment in Japanese style. Japanese design is not always comfortable for western person. But she has found several solutions that created western comfort in Japanese atmosphere.
    Ideas to bring Japan into interior.

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  • Paint Outside The Box

    This hot way of painting will refresh your apartment look in a moment. The most fascinating side of this method is that it brings the new look without painting all walls from floor to ceiling. Another Way to Paint Your Walls

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  • Comptoir Saint Hilaire Hotel

    There are some hotels where there are not so many rooms. That is why owners of this kind of places can pay a lot of attention not only to every guest but also to every room. Comptoir Saint Hilaire Hotel in France

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  • 3 Amazing Fireplaces

    Fireplace at home is not only an ancient symbol of hearth, giving the living warmth, comfort and light. Evening spend by the fire will relieve the stress and tension of the day; it will give mind peace, confidence and joy, will fill with pure energy. Interesting Fireplaces in Modern Style

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  • Uni GoSleep Chair by Short Rest Solution Oy

    Uni GoSleep is a chair that which converts into a private flat bed. International airport of Abu Dhabi already got the first 35 items of this furniture made by Short Rest Solution Oy. Sleeping capsule Uni GoSleep

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  • Writing on The Wall Chalk/White Boards

    This method is beloved by advertising agencies and small cafes. It is also necessary if you have artistic children, a member of the family who desperately likes science or if you are trying to organize your timetable and notes. Wall Sized Chalk and White Boards

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  • 8 Interesting Houses on Wheels

    Trailers nowadays can become not only country houses but even homes. There are many people for whom living in a trailer is a lifestyle. Houses on Wheels

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  • How to Organize Small Laundry Room with Tall Ceiling?

    One of our readers wrote us about problems concerning a small laundry room with a tall ceiling and asked us to help with ideas on how to organize it. Tips to organize a small laundry room with tall ceilings

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  • Sand Floor Interiors

    Summer is gone. If you miss it like us, bring a peace of this joyful time into home by installing a sand floor.  Walking on it barefoot will bring amazing memories of vacation days back at any day. Sand Floor Interiors

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  • How to Create English Pub Atmosphere At Home

    Pub is a perfect place to meet with friends, sip a beer and get to know about your pals’ life or discuss work with colleagues in an informal atmosphere. But sometimes you simply have no time or opportunity to go there as often as you’d want. English pub atmosphere at your home

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