• Interior Decorations Made of Pasta

    Pasta is a great material for creativity. First, modern industry produces a wide variety of pasta shapes that allows experimenting with creating compositions. Secondly, this material is always at hand. See how to use pasta as decorating material

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  • Turn Clutter Into Christmas Ornaments

    Buying new decorations every year might get a little too expensive as well as storing all the decorations old and new might become problematic with time. Christmas Ornaments Made of Junk

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  • Decorating Interior With Clothes

    We see clothes as decorations in cool interior design photos on Pinterest, they use certain items of clothes in boutiques as decorations, so we thought why not use this as another idea for decorating. Decorating Interior with Items of Fashion

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  • Disco Ball In Interior Decor

    Disco or mirror ball has been around for a century. It has brought glitz to discothèques, ballrooms and club dancefloors so there is no reason why it cannot be used in interior decor of your home. Mirror Ball Interior Decor

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  • Lawn Decorating Ideas

    A classic lawn can look beautiful provided it is properly cared after but there is always a way to enhance the look. Lawn Decoration Ideas

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  • Handmade Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    Lighting can signifiantly enhance your interior design but it is also true about outdoors. Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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  • IKEA Christmas 2012 Decor Ideas

    IKEA always makes it easier to create a nice neat decor at affordable price. Look into the brand’s Christmas decor catalog for 2012 to get inspired and create your own Christmas decor. IKEA Christmas Catalog 2012

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  • Halloween Paper Decoration Ideas

    Halloween is in two days so if you need some last-minute decorations for home you’ll just need some black and orange paper, pencil, scissors, and glue. Halloween Paper Decorations

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  • Budget Makeover Ideas For Home

    Every interior might need a makeover once in a while. If you follow trends or update your decor according to season you might wonder about some budget-friendly ideas on how to update your home. Budget Makeover Ideas

  • Christmas 2011 Decoration Trends

    Christmas decoration trends for 2011 are quite interesting. The focus is on simplicity and subtle metallic shine. Decoration Trends for Christmas 2011

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  • How to Choose Christmas Color Scheme

    The key to successful Christmas decor lies in the proper color scheme. In order to choose a proper color scheme for Christmas decorations think about what colors you already have. Choosing Christmas Color Scheme

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  • Christmas Decorations on Budget

    Christmas is money-consuming time so decorations may be the first thing people want to cut back on. But if you still want a new Christmas decor it is not impossible. Christmas Decorations on Budget

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  • Halloween Decor on Budget

    Halloween is just a month away and it’s time to think about Halloween decorations. Here are some ideas for budget-wise Halloween decor. DIY Halloween Decorations

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  • Colorful Missoni Target Home Collection

    Italian fashion house Missoni has teamed with Target for a colorful home collection . Bright & Stylish Missoni Target Home Collection

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  • Ocean-Inspired Interior Design

    Ocean is a great inspiration source for designers. There has been many beautiful things created inspired by an ocean, sea water, its life form and beauty. How to Create Ocean-Inspired Home Decor

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  • Chess-Inspired Interior Design

    Chess floors are not the only chess-inspired design there is. Here are some ideas for chess-inspired design remodeling. Chess Pattern in Interior Design

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  • How To Personalize Rented Spaces

    Living in rented spaces can be both convenient and annoying. You don’t really have to worry about decor (if you live in a furnished abode), but you also can’t remodel it how you like. Personalize Your Rented Space

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  • Victorian Decorating Style

    Victorian decorating style has originated during Victorian era and is commonly described as opulent and luxurious. Main Features of Victorian Decorating Style

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  • Flamboyant and Chic: Inside Iris Apfel’s Home

    Iris Apfel is a famous fashion icon and interior designer. Her work extends from business and interior design to restoration. Today We Take a Look Inside Iris Apfel’s Home

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