Decorating Style

  • Swedish Apartment Interior Design Inspired by India

    Interior exotic fascination born a few centuries ago, in the Age of Discovery, when old Europe began to get acquainted with home culture of overseas countries. See unusial Swedish apartment design with Indian elements of decor

  • Modern Style of Mid-Twentieth Century

    The mid-century style is the one that’s been considered modern mid-20th century, from mid 1940′s to 1970′s. Mid-century modern style is a bridge between old and new, natural and modern. See how to create home interior in modern style of mid 20th century

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  • How To Choose Your Decorating Style

    Choosing decorating style is the first step to remodeling a house or a room. It determines the aesthetics, materials, shapes, and colors. Choose Your Decorating Style

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  • Retro Decorating Style

    Retro decorating style encompasses several decades from 50′s to 70′s. It brings bright atmosphere and lively colors to the interior design. How To Decorate In Retro Style

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  • How to Mix Styles in Decor

    Decorating style is a unifying theme in the interior and decor. A decor that has a theme looks organic and consistent. Mixing Decorating Styles in Interior

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  • Moroccan Decorating Style

    Moroccan decorating style is beautiful, ornate, and warm. A mix of Arab, French and Spanish art deco as well as Berber styles looks very exotic and is appealing to many.  Exotic & Elegant: Moroccan Decorating Style

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  • Rococo Decorating Style

    Rococo decorating style is very flamboyant and rich. But no matter all the intricate and ornate features Rococo is also quite elegant. Decorating Style: Flamboyant Rococo

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  • Art Nouveau Decorating Style

    Art Nouveau decorating style started to emerge in 1890s with the Arts & Crafts movement. Very artistic and sinuous it derived its motifs from nature and arts. Art of Nature: Art Nouveau Decorating Style

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  • Tuscan Decorating Style

    Tuscan decorating style is warm and nature-inspired. Warm color schemes and rustic design elements are the key features of this style. Warm and Natural: Tuscan Decorating Style

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  • Jonah Collection by James Harrison for MADE

    Jonah Collection is retro-inspired furniture series for those nostalgic for good old times designed by talented British designer James Harrison for MADE. Feeling Nostalgic with Jonah Collection by James Harrison

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  • Shabby Chic Decorating Style

    So what is shabby chic anyway? You probably already guessed. It’s when you put more effort into making your interior look older rather than newer. Shabby Chic Decorating Style

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  • Victorian Decorating Style

    Victorian decorating style has originated during Victorian era and is commonly described as opulent and luxurious. Main Features of Victorian Decorating Style

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  • Gothic Decorating Style

    If thinking about Gothic decorating style you imagine an all-black room cluttered with skulls and bats then you need to read this. Dark Interior: About Gothic Decorating Style

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  • Luxurious Dining Room Design Ideas

    Luxurious dining room design is all about beautiful ornate furniture, grand lighting, and lush accessories. Design Ideas for Luxurious Dining Room

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  • How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room

    If you like everything that stands out and tired of classic and traditional decor of your living room it’s time to learn how to create your own unique living room design. Tips to Unique Living Room Design

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  • Mediterranean Decorating Style

    Mediterranean decorating style has originated in Northern Mediterranean countries like Spain, Greece, Italy, hence, sometimes is referred to as Spanish modern. Spanish Modern: Mediterranean Decorating Style

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  • Art Deco Decorating Style

    Art Deco is a glamorous and elegant decorating style. Read more about Art Deco Decorating Style

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  • Home Remodeling Ideas

    Homes and apartments, rooms and empty spaces need remodeling from time to time as the paint gets old, interior gets boring or additional living space is required. Check out Home Remodeling Ideas

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