• Home Interior Design at Subconscious Level

    Homely atmosphere, the interior of your home and the setting affects directly your character, perception of the world and life in general. How to start a new life? Let’s start with the interior of your home. See how to decorate home interior for different people

  • Human Bones As Medieval Interior Decoration

    Gothic church of All Saints (Czech Republic) is considered one of the most horrible of works of art. Its walls are decorated with 40,000 human bones of the Middle Ages. See the horrible decorations

  • Seashells and Corals in Interior Decor

    The idea of ​​creating eco-friendly homes is now popular as ever. Perhaps it is not easy to build an entirely environmentally safe house, but using natural products for interior decoration is possible for everyone. See how to use seashells in interior decor

  • Baroque Style In Interior Design

    Baroque style emerged and was hugely popular in the 17th century. Ornate and immensely intricate it influenced everything from architecture to music. Baroque Style

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  • Forms In Nature Chandelier Creates Tree-Shaped Shadows

    When we say that lighting is a great way to decorate we, of course, mean the use of task and ambient lighting for highlighting objects and creating atmosphere. Forms in Nature Chandelier

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  • 5 Common Decorating Mistakes

    Decorating one’s home can be challenging and yield different results in comparison with the professional’s work. But it’s possible to learn about the rules of decorating and the mistakes to avoid. The Common Decorating Mistakes

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  • Eclectic Decorating Style

    Eclectic style combines various styles, time periods, colors, textures, and patterns. How To Create Eclectic Decor

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  • Vintage Decorating Tips

    Decorating with vintage items has almost become a decorating style in its own right. Romantic and elegant vintage comes close to retro and shabby chic. How to Decorate In Vintage Style

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  • How to Decorate With Floral Patterns

    Floral patterns are very common in interior decorating. They make a room more fresh, romantic and welcoming. But there are so many floral patterns out there. Tips on Decorating With Floral Patterns

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  • Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathroom

    Small bathroom requires careful planning while decorating and remodeling. From color scheme to furniture think space-conscious solutions. Check out Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathroom

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  • Decor on Budget 101

    Decorating within your budget can not only be a money-saving but also fun experience. Read on Decor on Budget 101

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  • Tips To Arranging Furniture

    Arranging furniture is a creative process of decorating. The easiest way of arranging your furniture is finding a focal point. Read our Tips to Arranging Furniture

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  • Decorating 101: Color Wheel, Value And Balance

    Color plays in important role in decorating. It can really express your sense of style, create an atmosphere, and make the design pop. Read Decorating 101: color wheel, value and balance

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