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  • 4 Ideas of Ombre Effect in Interior Design

    Ombre is a new interior trend, which is based on a color change from dark to light tones or from one shade to another. This technique can also be called “degrade” or “gradient”. It can be used in a variety of interior decoration items. See four decorating options

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  • Bright Accents in White Interiors

    White interiors are truly universal. They are looking restrained and elegant in monochrome version. And they are instantly transformed by the addition of bright accents. See 9 interesting ideas of bright accents in white interiors

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  • New York Apartment Design by Karl d’Akino

    Designer Karl d’Akino who decorated this New York apartment based his design on a color palette: as he says, color is the clue that leads from one room to another. See colorful design of the New York apartment

  • How To Get Monochromatic Color Scheme Right

    Deccorating in a single color might be both challenging and easy. From the first sight you have to choose only one color for the whole room and apply to the walls as well as the furnishings. Monochromatic Color Schemes

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  • Innovations in Design: 3D Floors

    What associations do you have after you heard the word “floor”? Well, it is supposed to be more or less smooth, have a flat surface. It can be stylish, shiny, or softened with a carpet. Perhaps, 3D floors can change your mind about this. How to make a 3D floor?

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  • Small Apartment Design in “Disco” Style

    A young girl wished her apartment to be designed in disco-style. The 60′s and 70′s of the last century are known as a period of famous music bands that gathered thousands of young people to enjoy music and dancing. This period has been taken as a basis for the interior of her small apartment. What does apartment need to look like a club?

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  • 11 Reasons for Chocolate Interior

    Chocolate sounds so very tasty and delicious. Many of us love chocolate among many sweets. Designers bring chocolate to interiors making rooms looking exceedingly reach and luxurious. Benefits of chocolate color for interior design.

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  • How to Expand Space in Small Room with Wallpaper

    It is always hard to decor a small room. Wallpaper can help you to expand a size of the room.  Tricks on How To expand Space in the Room with Wallpaper

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  • Paint Outside The Box

    This hot way of painting will refresh your apartment look in a moment. The most fascinating side of this method is that it brings the new look without painting all walls from floor to ceiling. Another Way to Paint Your Walls

  • Brutal Living Room in the Hillside Bungalow by Interlink Design Solutions

    Golden guns, marble floor, fur carpet, whiskey bar… What could be manlier? Hillside Bungalow Living Room

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  • Transparent Bathtubs

    Glass bathtubs become more and more popular in interior design. transparent bathtubes

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  • Color Scheme For Kid’s Room

    Blue and pink are often used to decorate nurseries while kid’s rooms are commonly bright and colorful. Kid’s Room Color Scheme

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  • Decorating in Green & Yellow Color Scheme

    Want a lively, almost electric interior? Green and yellow is the best combination for such a decor. Lime green, mustard yellow, seafoam, lemon yellow are as just beautiful as they sound. Green & Yellow Color Scheme

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  • Attic Home Office Design Ideas

    A home office is expected to be a quite and organized place that mimics the atmosphere of an actual workplace to help focus on the job. More Home Office Design Ideas

  • Cute 49 Square Meter Apartment in Sweden

    This cute 49-square-meter apartment in Sweden may lack space but it’s full of color and personality. Small Apartment in Sweeden

  • Blue & Orange Color Scheme Ideas

    Blue and orange is an unlikely color combination if you imagine these two contrasting bold colors together. But this very combination can become an unusual fresh color scheme for your interior if you choose the hues right. Blue & Orange Interiors

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  • Blue & Pink Color Scheme Ideas

    Blue and pink color scheme is a great one for shared kid’s room but it can also be used beautifully in the living room or kitchen. Blue & Pink Interior Ideas

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  • Mixing Brights In Modern Apartment

    This amazing apartment in Brazil was designed by Brunete Fraccaroli. Though not very spacious the apartment includes all the necessary areas including a home office nook. Brunete Fraccaroli Apartment

  • Small Apartment – Fun House By Studio UdA

    Fun House is a curious project by Studio UdA’s Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa that turned a small apartment into a beach house. Fun House By Studio UdA

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